Cooking in a Youth Hostel Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Have you ever gotten the pleasure to cook in a hostel kitchen?

Yeah, me either, until a week ago. I decided it would be much easier and much cheaper if I just went out and picked up peanut butter and bread at the Aldi about a three minute walk from my hostel and do that for the next three nights. However, once I got to the store, that just didn’t seem healthy enough for me so I settled for a good, old faithful dish of mine, egg whites and spinach with an onion for flavor and apples for my fruit/ dessert. We’ll Aldi doesn’t sell egg whites, so it turned into one egg and two extra egg whites. Anywho that isn’t important…

The kitchen.

Now when you first read that opening question, did you think I was being sarcastic? It kinda sounds like it right? Plus if you think about a bunch of 20 something year olds sharing one kitchen and all the dishes, ew. That has got to be gross and dirty right?

I absolutely loved my cooking experience! Yes, the dishes weren’t my standard cleanliness (like obsessive cleanliness), but they were clean. Only selective burners worked, but me James, and Lydia bonded over this. Everyone was chatting with each other and laughing, and those of us who were lone travelers and we’re sitting alone were still part of the conversations and fun. We laughed over undercooked pasta, overcooked asparagus, and enjoyed what we had.

Life is simpler in a hostel.

People here seem to be searching to find their way.

From 30 year old Michael, the French traveler I met while we were chopping our onions, who is searching for a job so he can travel and treat himself to the vacations he wants, to Aphrodite, my 54 year old roommate who has just returned from Greece to Australia and wants to settle back in here, to the current long term residents who are working 8 hours a day and then joining us in the kitchen, life is being lived and paths are being discovered in hostels.