I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Identity. A powerful word with which we place so much meaning, and at times, even our purpose.

When starting my blog, this page read “Welcome to my blog! My name is Melanie and I am a runner” but over time, with much growth and discovery, I have realized introducing myself like that is a cop-out, an easy fall back, too simple.

Simply put, I placed myself in a singular bucket with which to be identified.

Yes, part of my identity is my running self, but I am so much more. So instead, let me reintroduce myself.

Hello, my name is Melanie and I am …

…a recent graduate of The Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. Yes, part of my identity is my education; not because it is a title behind my name, but instead because it broadened and shaped my mind into what it is today.

…the owner of a wedding and event planning company called Melanie Joy Events. My job is a small part of my identity; not because it is what I rely on for income, but instead because it is a way for me to showcase the talents I have been given.

… a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a friend. My relationships are part of my identity; not because I have placed my worth in these people or relations, but instead because the people I have surrounded myself with have all played a part in shaping bits and pieces of my personality and challenged what I know of myself.

…a rural Virginian native, consider Philadelphia, PA one of my homes, and had the most magical 6 month stint in Melbourne, Australia.  These are all part of my identity; not because I am a citizen in these locations, instead because all of these residences impacted me deeply and helped teach me grand lessons.

…a 03:54 marathoner and a 1:49:17 half marathoner. I am proud of this part of my identity; not because these times are who I am, but because this part of my identity shows my strength and resilience.

…in love with Christ. He is my rock and my shield. He is my only hope that one day I will find my true identity on this Earth.

Blog Intro


This blog was made during my first summer of college as way for me to share the beauty of the Lord’s love, the delights in running, and the joy to be found in living our everyday lives.

Over the past four years it has evolved and now I realize I want this blog to be a place of understanding; a place where we find out and choose what we want our identities to be, together.

A place of sharing my experience of wanting to learn to create excitement with the mundane, wanting to enhance my relationships and wanting to embrace the beautiful creations of God. I want to share the small runs and the marathon moments that create my personal journey towards my true identity with you.




3 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Hi Melanie! I’ve been keeping up with your blog this summer – it’s been so encouraging to read your thoughts, and just how you connect everything back to the Father. You are truly being used by Him even through a simple thing like a blog! Can’t wait to see you and catch up in a few weeks at school! ❤

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