This Week Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So this week is a crazy one, more than 4 days of 8-10 hour work days on top of my off days being full of weddings and travel! One here in Hilton Head and one in Massachusetts.

Two beautiful brides, two expectant grooms, and two families excited to be joining. I love weddings and wedding seasons, the looks on the brides and grooms faces the first time seeing each other on their big day is unbridled joy and love.

Each time I see that look it gives me a glimpse of Jesus’ love for me. An unbridled love that is impossible to explain on this earth.

As the bible states, we wait for Jesus like a bridegroom and he waits for us. How beautiful and pure is that love. I love weddings since they are a small glimpse of that love here on this earth. A blessing from God.