A Final Farewell

A final farewell…


What does this even mean?

No words come to mind, nothing strong enough or powerful enough.

Just memories, memories that go so deep I don’t even know where to begin to draw from.


Fourth of July parties that lasted for days.

Ice Cream Sundae Bars more intricate than gastronomically possible.

Sitting next to you on the backporch on Nayland learning how to be a hostess.

Constructing floral hats with hot glue guns and fake flowers.

Finding new toys in the tub below the guest room bed every time we come.

The notes and chocolates always left on my pillow when I got home late.

Always making me homemade ranch dressing even to your final days.

The two treats Patty gets every single time you leave the house.

Sitting next to you in the salon each week.

Learning to use makeup with you.

Free clinique samples.

Learning to use my fork to pick out maraschino cherries from my drink.

Knowing you would always have maraschino cherries in the fridge.

Surprising you when coming back from Australia.

Summers together.

Reading the same books.

Learning to love large print books.

Laughing to the Blend radio station because you are way more hip than me.

Going to the movie theater together.

Giggling over the cutest boys in the movies.

Holiday decorations full of class.

Dinner parties.


Cocktail napkins.

Serving dishes.




You made me who I am. How do you say farewell to someone like that?


It feels like saying farewell to part of who I am.


Grandma, as soon as I land on my feet, in an apartment or home, I am going to go out and buy 4 things: personalized cocktail napkins, good guest chocolates, parsley, and dog treats.


Because Grandma, you taught me part of being an adult, a lady, and a good person is being hospitable, welcoming, and ready for any and every guest (dog and human alike). Though I will never get the pleasure of seeing you walk through my future door in my future home as my guest, I know you will be smiling down on me from above as I serve every guest that comes into my home. I love you. I hope you’re laughing with Kathie right now in no pain. Farewell Grandma. I’ll always be your Grand-girl.


4 thoughts on “A Final Farewell

  1. Oh, Melanie..YOU are so special and your farewell was so eloquently written and such a tribute to a very special woman. It made me cry, it made me smile and it made me realize how much your grandma will continue to be a part of all of us in our hearts and memories. Much love and many hugs, Shari

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