I’m Back Through the Eyes of a Runner.

The yellow, orangish, light of dusk begins to creep over the fall colored leaves. The birds still chirp and the sounds of the Septa bus’s squeaky breaks waft through my window as the perfect 70 degree day seeps into my room.

I feel like completely me for the first time in months. Pleasantly happy, slightly nostalgic, but mostly here.

There was nothing special about today; work and class so far. I will end my day with a run, a scholarship dinner, a glass of red wine, some studying, bible study and most of all peace.

I felt slightly stressed this morning but as the day wore on and God worked on me and my heart all of that melted away.

Here is a beautiful place. Here is the most beautiful time.

As the what I imagine to be the colors of the Tuscan sun set behind the trees, I write. With a grin on my face and tears in my eyes I realize something. I’m back.

Though my adventures in the “real world” were fun; commuting, working, and networking, I’m not quite ready for that yet. To leave the here and now behind. I’m ready to embrace it anew. Refreshed and thankful for this stage in my life, be it hard, be it arduous, be it fun.

I’m back and my writing and my signature grin prove that. Off to fly.


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