Peace Through the Eyes of a Runner.


Under the almost full moon I shrug on my extra sweater I brought. Not a thick one, merely a cardigan to supplement the light sweater I tugged on this morning in a house that wasn’t my own.

The walls of four buildings surround this empty and quiet courtyard and the silence is resounding. It makes my thoughts and solitarity echo into the night.

This is the first time I’ve had quiet in over a month.

Yes I’ve had quiet, but not one where it’s just me and my heartbeat.

It’s been me and other’s heartbeats and it is nice to just sit and listen to this silence. My typing, my heart, and the wind through the leaves that still hang on til the very last possible Autumn night.
They cling to the tree, the only life they have ever known.

I cling to Jesus, the only true life I have ever known.

He is here now, in this silence. In this peace.

I close my eyes, only for a second and think of my wonderful night of sleep in a comfortable cocoon, the strength in my long run in the beautiful weather, and the kindness of a friend as I shared my life story with her.

God is here, he has been here, and he always will be. I need to remember that even in the difficult times.


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