Guarding Your Heart Through the Eyes of a Runner.

“God guide me, calm my heart, guard my heart, and give me patience.”

This is my prayer and mantra recently. Crushing on someone is hard. It requires a fine balance of grace, dignity, being open to what is out there, while relying a heck of a lot on God. Sounds easy right?

Wrong. It is hard. It is confusing. And it is oh so easy to get disappointed because your expectations are up in the clouds…along with your head.

Anyone else relate?

Since it is so hard, and let’s be real, life is crazy and crushing takes time, let’s make it super simple.

Let’s listen to God. (Just like Staples “that was easy.”) It is so much easier to go to our source of life than to go around getting the advice of all your friends and family in what to do when crushing on someone. Why does God tend to be our last place to turn?!

He gives us a simple command in Proverbs 4:3 that says “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

It is so easy to let our hearts run free that the thought of guarding them seems a little crazy.

What does “guarding your heart” even mean??? It is such a Christianese term…Does it mean ripping it out and putting it under lock and key? Or completely ignoring anything it says? How about just not letting anyone in?

No! It is none of that.

It means focusing your heart on the true spring of life: Christ himself. It means not letting yourself get disappointed in the present circumstances of your life, your current job, your relationships, in the amount of money you have. It is realizing how happy and peaceful you can be in those times of disappointments and the times of joy because our heart’s feelings and contentment are coming from Christ. From being rooted deeply in his heart.

How crazy is it that everything going on in my heart determines the course of my life?  Two nights ago if I had been listening to what my heart was telling me to do, say, or be I would have done some stupid things that would have brought hurt or at least confusion to myself. Guarding your heart is a process that we must ask for help from God.

We cannot, as humans, focus our hearts on nothing but God without his help. So in order to guard my heart I must refocus my life and thoughts on God. Isn’t it funny that somehow every time I begin to stray, think crazy thoughts, or rely on myself the only way back to the straight and narrow is Jesus?

Maybe not so funny as wonderful. God knew that I would stray, crush unwisely, and worry long before I was even in existence on this earth. It is wonderful he still wants me to come back to him every time I inevitably stray!

So as I refocus, I pray “God guide me, calm my heart, guard my heart, and give me patience.”

Comment below and share your stories about how God is bringing you back to him, helping you guard your heart, or just how you are crushing!

In other news Happy First Day of Autumn! What is your favorite part about fall?


2 thoughts on “Guarding Your Heart Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. I still think GCL said it best with the phrase “God truly satisfies your soul.” I think that is essential context when thinking about anything that you’re confronted with in life. Thanks for sharing this post, Mel, you are, always, so able to perfectly articulate something that I’m feeling myself!

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