My New Job Through the Eyes of a Runner.

I sit in front of my black Ikea desk with my laptop open and a few papers scattered over the surface. My free Cosi coffee in one corner and my water bottle in the other.

Black, orange and while walls, desks, chairs, wastebaskets, mugs. Themed, branded, and beautiful. I love my little office over here at the Mole.

It’s simple and concise, juxtaposing the work that goes on in these four walls and two floors. My first week in marketing has been fun. Full of brainstorming and writing. I’m learning more about the field through writing about it and more about design through watching others do it.

I have a perfect desk. It sits by the window that overlooks the lower level. Me and four other designers are in this sort of loft that creaks whenever someone moves. We all wear headphones and listen to our own personal music, the clicking of mice and keys, and occasional blast of the air conditioning.

My first day I wasn’t sold on whether I’d like it here but today as my creative juices flowed, I think I’ve decided I do. This morning I was doubting whether or not this internship during my senior fall was a good idea, I think I’ve decided it was.

I write for a job. How funny is that?

I don’t remember telling my grandmother in elementary school I wanted to be a writer. But she did. She remembered this and has always told me how wonderful my writing is in way of supporting that dream.

Well grandma, I am. I am now a blogger, a published magazine writer, and now also a professional writer for a marketing firm. Oh if only third grade me could see me now.

I write for a job. Here at my black desk. Next to my cut out window that looks at the office below and the street outside, I write, I drink coffee, and I laugh with the creativity of my coworkers.


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