The 5 Stages of my Long Run

Usually I tackle my long runs with friends or at least the majority of it with friends but this week I only got to do a 1/5 of my run with friends which caused some challenges. I wanted to share with you my 5 stages of my run this week.

  1. DELIGHT: Ahhhh my legs feel so fresh! That is mile 6, oh yeah! I’m still running sub 8:15 splits. I have never felt this awesome for the beginning of a long run. I’m going to rock this. In four miles I’m halfway!
  2. ANTICIPATION: Okay, mile 8, I know there is water in two miles and I’m going to get to text back everyone who has texted me in the past hour. This is great! I’m still feeling so strong. Just a little thirsty. Just think you can take your second GU in 2 miles. And then you can turn around there too!
  3. CALCULATION: So the calculations of how much further I had to go out must be wrong. I’m at mile 10 and I did 6 before hitting the museum. From the museum I have two miles to home so if I go out 8 and back then it will total 20. Oh wait, what if I do 18, if I continue this do I need to turn around at 10 or 11. Can I turn around? There is no way that I still have half of this run left. Oh wait in two miles I can turn around, right?
  4. BARGAINING: 14 miles, remember this is beautiful. Think of all the beautiful things about this run and this day. Remember 7 months ago when you couldn’t run because of injury. You are awesome, if you get to the boathouses you can walk for a minute. Okay, actually if you make it to that tree you can walk for a minute. If you make it to St. Joe’s boathouse you can call a cab. No, if you make it to Loyd Hall you can get a Gatorade. If you make it to Market Street you can take the subway home. If you make it to Locust Walk you can walk. If you make it to CVS you can stop for Muscle Milk. If you make it home you can collapse.
  5. DELIGHT: Yes your knee is in great pain, but look you are .25 miles away from running 20 miles. How many people can run 20 miles?! You are amazing! You are exhausted! You are going to be so good for your marathon!!! YOU JUST RAN 20 MILES! YOU CAN STOP MOVING NOW! Floor time!!!

It was fun, it was tough, it was painful at times, but it was awesome. I have now run 20 miles. My physical strength outweighed my mental strength and it was awesome!



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