16 Miler and Nutrition!

Let me begin by apologizing to all you readers who were looking forward to my Friday Charleston Recap Post 2. Due to some technological malfunctions I was unable to post this weekend BUT you can look forward to part 2 tomorrow and a post about God’s grace and provision on Wednesday.

This weekend was a wonderful one in Philadelphia. I had gone up for a good friend’s wedding and while there I got to run, hang out with friends, do the wedding coordinating, and go to the beach!

Because I was going to be back on a Saturday (and that is when I run with the running club the Philly Runners) I decided to do my long run that day. I left at 7:30 with two Gu’s, a water bottle, and determination. When I got to the Philadelphia Museum of Art I got to catch up with a few of my favorite people in the club and meet some newbies before we took off.

My plan was to stick to 9-9:30 miles for all 16 and that meant joining the 9 minute mile pace group. Well off we went and I was enjoying talking to one of my new running friends so much we were breaking 9 minute miles by a lot (20-30 seconds). Being a two time marathon runner she had answers to my litany of questions and I used her as an example for when I should fuel. I think it was just about perfect.

The night before I had carbo loaded on beer and pizza and started Saturday morning with a bagel and cream cheese. I waited til mile 5.5 to take my first Gu and for the first time took it all at once because there was a water fountain.

Two water fountains and 3 miles later I took half of my second Gu and finished it off at mile 12. My stomach didn’t revolt anything (water or Gu) like it sometimes does and I felt fairly strong right up until the last minute!

Thanks to my awesome running friend the run went by so quickly. When looking down at my watch I was expecting it to read average 9:30 miles but it was actually average 8:58 mile splits!


It felt AWESOME! Seeing 16 was really special because it means only 10 more miles to add!

After the run to recover I downed these three things as I stretched it out.


First the Ocean Spray PACT because juice sounded good, second the Muscle Milk because I needed some protein to help me not be sore the next day, and lastly the sparkling lime drink because I crave carbonation after a long run.

This is how I felt about my run!

This is how I felt about my run!

While stretching I ran into three of my lovely friends and ended up hanging out with one until leaving for the wedding. Easily Alyssa was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen and I can’t wait to hear all about hers and Stephen’s honeymoon when they return! Congratulations the #newlywoods!! Thanks for letting me be part of your special day!


2 thoughts on “16 Miler and Nutrition!

  1. Great job with the 16 miles!!! And, random question, since you mentioned taking the water and Gu with you… Do you run with a backpack? It just crossed my mind and I was curious lol.

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