Charleston Part 1 Through the Eyes of a Runner.


Last Wednesday and Thursday my grandparents and I took my first real vacation of the summer to the beautiful southern gem, Charleston, SC. It was wonderful to take a proper vacation with my grandparents because I actually can’t remember when we have ever gone somewhere together other than our homes.


There is a reason Charleston has been named the Best U.S. City by Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for the past 5 years. It is stunning and the history there is just beautiful.

Anyways, let me not get ahead of myself, let’s start and the beginning and walk you through our simple southern vacay.

After dropping off the dog at the dog sitter’s house and packing the car we ventured out on highway 17 which we would drive the whole way into Charleston. The drive itself was lovely and went by quickly.

We were to stay at a local inn similar to what I hope to one day own and operate, the Elliot House Inn. It was beautifully decorated and newly renovated despite it’s old and charming history. My room was simply perfect and the courtyards were a marvelous place to meet fellow travelers, have your breakfast and read, or sip on a lovely glass of red wine.

IMG_050 IMG_052 IMG_0053

Once dropping off our bags we were off for a late lunch at the famed Charleston Place, known for their SheCrab Soup and local seafood. As a table we partook of both, myself ordering the Seafood Club which I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Lobster, Shrimp, and Salmon, and grandma and grandpa ordering the SheCrab Soup.


After a perfectly southern meal that was eaten over the space of an hour and delicious Mayan coffee drunk post meal, it was time to check out the rest of the Charleston Place. It was such an elegant, beautiful, more modern hotel with the old southern charm. Seemingly everywhere had this old southern charm.

IMG_007 IMG_014

A quick stroll through the Charleston City Market put us back in the heat of  the South Carolina summer. Ready to cool off and for some history we boarded a bus tour that was just us three and another couple. We learned a lot from our guide and really got to see every part of the city. From the old houses that withstood sweeping fires, to the new ones built in the place of those who were less fortunate, to the battery and parks, everything was stunning.

IMG_016 IMG_030

Isn't my grandma pretty?

Isn’t my grandma pretty?



We arrived back at the Inn just in time for wine and cheese hour. As I sat there with all the other inn goers, I felt right at home. It further sparked my desire to be part of that community for life.

Post-wine, I determined it was time for a nice bike ride as grandma and grandpa rested before dinner.

IMG_5196 IMG_5202

After returning from my ride and freshening up, I met grandma and grandpa for dinner at a place right around the corner, Poogan’s Porch where I dined on a delicious salad of my favorite two things: arugula and watermelon.


Post dinner as grandma and grandpa retired for the day I went for a stroll around Charleston. Our convenient location at the corner of Queen and King Street allowed me to be anywhere in the historic section of the city in 15 minutes. I passed many a ghost tour and fun places for nightlife.

It was a perfectly southern, historic, charming, and beautiful day!

Come back Friday for Part 2! (Originally this was going to be one post but apparently I have too many pictures and words for that ;))

5 thoughts on “Charleston Part 1 Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip…what wonderful memories you are making with your grandparents…they will last you a lifetime. I’m sure that your grandma was thrilled to make the trip…I know she has been dying to go to Charleston…it’s such a beautiful city. Will look forward to reading the second part of the blog. Love you.

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