15 Miler!

I feel like Marathon Training becomes real when you do your first run over 14 miles. Why that distance you may ask?

Because Half Marathon runners typically end up doing almost 14 miles due to the fact in races we often run the tangent.

This is just a fancy way of saying it’s easy to zigzag the course or run the outer curve of turns therefore gaining more mileage. This is why every time after a race you look down at your watch and see an extra few quarter miles than the race said you put in.

This past Wednesday, Marathon Training became real. I ran my first 15 miler on Wednesday and it felt AWESOME!

Miles 1-8 felt awesome, I was strong, I felt good, I hadn’t begun playing mind games with myself.

Miles 8-10 were okay, I had found an ice machine and it felt AMAZING to slip some pieces into my sports bra and my mouth. I have decided if I ever in my future make a running trail, I will definitely include an ice machine on it!

Right around mile 10 I began to feel it. My mind began playing tricks on me and telling me to slow down. So what do I do, I call in backup.

I texted my little brother and saw if he was interested in riding the bike beside me and by mile 11.5, I had a cheerleader out right next to me with fresh water!

He was AWESOME and rode beside me the last 3.5 miles. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him there cheering me on and just keeping me company. I would have definitely walked more and probably not been able to finish nearly as strong. Thank you Brendan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there it is folks.

A couple notes for you and for me about this 15 miler:

I had done great eating carbs all day. Popcorn, tortilla chips, and rice were the go to. Dinner was eaten 15 minutes before my run. I ended up fueling with 2.5 bottles of water and one Salted Caramel Gu along the way. My legs didn’t feel tired until I stopped and it took 2 days for soreness to subside.

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