Summer Marathon Training

This summer I have been a solo, ninja runner. As with most things in life, I think running is so much better with other people. I long for my Saturday runs with the Philly runners and happy runs with my great friends. This summer has been hot and long due to the starting to marathon train without others and in the summer.

I saw this picture the other day and thought it was just the greatest.


Anyone who lives in a location that has heat and humidity in the summer understands this. South Carolina is definitely a place that was not made for marathon training after the hours of 9am and before the hours of 9pm. However, the downside of the extreme heat and sun during the day that sucks out your energy, is the nighttime running is full of alligators and bugs. However, each run that I feel less than perfect, less than happy with, super tired, or just plain worn out I remind myself, your body can do what it is doing and that itself is amazing.

Yes, this week has not been a great running week, and yes, (even though I’m not) I feel behind on Marathon training, but truly it is a blessing I can run at all. With all the ailments that I have faced or could face it is a blessing to run even in 100% humidity and 100 degrees.

And though on those runs Frodo and I have the same feelings, I know very soon I will be back up north, the humidity will drop and the temperature as well. It will feel even that much better because I have started training in the summer sun!

4 months til Marathon Melanie!!

Happy Sunday Runday Friends!


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