On the good days, run

The running lesson I learned this week: on the days when you feel good, get a longer run in. On Friday this week I was only planning on doing two miles and an intense lifting and abs routine and a mile in to my run (a 7:40 split) I still felt amazing so decided to make the next mile a 6:30. After that mile I was expecting to be exhausted but for some reason I wasn’t. I should have kept on going. Instead I slowed to a walk and dismounted my favorite treadmill to enter the world of arms and abs.

The next day called for a six miler and then abs but after 1 mile outside (in th 98 degree humid heat) and two miles on the treadmill I felt TERRIBLE. I ended up logging 4 miles, had a good stretch and then ended with abs. The two miles outside felt miserable and the two instead were just recovery from that.

All this explanation to say, on those good days, take advantage of it and switch up your training days some!

On the good days, Run. On the bad days,

One thought on “On the good days, run

  1. So true! I think sometimes we get caught up in what our plan says and don’t listen to our bodies. I had a rough 6 miler this weekend too so I know how you feel!

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