Beach Running

Running teaches us to keep moving

6 miles, I begin to embark. The soft sand giving way beneath my sneakered feet. I make it to the hard sand just in time to look up and see the first family taking golden hour beach photos. You can tell who are the professionals and who just are there to snap some good shots. Full families dressed in peach, in white, in cream, in blue, and one in turquoise, everyone is ready and matching.


Interspersed between the photo families are the men out still trying to get their “catch of the day” and kids getting those last few boogie-board waves.

The sun doesn’t beat down but it hasn’t set yet and the wind blows the salt water through my hair, it is another day and another run in paradise. As I round the north end of the Island there is water rushing out to sea. People and kids splash about in the knee deep stream, but I don’t want to take off my shoes just yet, so I turn around.


Passing my starting point I have completed an out and back of 4 miles. After being captivated by the sunset for half a mile I decided to take off my shoes and do a mile and a half of sprints. Broken up into .25 miles, I completed 6 sprints out and back. Life feels cooler and easier here at the shore. Sprints don’t seem hard and runs don’t seem long.

As I finished up my run at 6 miles, I decided to take a dip in the ocean. Not more than knee deep, I felt a fish or something in the water and decided that was enough given all the shark attacks that have occurred recently in South Carolina. Instead I strolled up the soft sand, rinsed off my feet and ended the night and my workout with 4 ounces of delicious frozen yogurt. Yay for having Sweet Frog here!


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