Poems Round 20 Through the Eyes of a Runner.

It is currently 11:43 Tuesday night while I lay in bed typing this before drifting off to sleep. Today was another long day to add to my list of days of my summer as a waitress. It was a 13 hour work day and tomorrow promises to be the same. For that reason I pulled some poems from my book to entertain and amuse this Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! You made it halfway and so did I, isn’t that awesome!

Enjoy some poems:

December Meteor Shower

The sky is alive

Falling around me

As I lay here.

It dances and sparkles.

So do my eyes

As I look above

The trails of the stars

Create a map in the sky

Marking ever so faintly

The divisions are made

But they fade quickly

Leaving again the whole sky at my disposal

Winter has turned to Spring

It bites, it stings, it howls

But I stay

For far too long

Out in this storm

I give it a season, I give it time, I give it me

The cold takes over my soul

Freezing it, piercing  it, shattering it

The storm rages

Inside and out

But the fire—

–the fire it thaws

I reach for the heat

And as my fingers touch the flame

I melt, I live, I race on.

The cold is no longer and spring is here at last

Winter has turned to spring and newness of life is found


My eyes flutter shut

–I enter a space in my soul

The compilation of my past and my dreams for the future

Are you here?

Will I find you in this space?

In the place where my worlds collide

Where I am truly home.

But will you be?

There isn’t room for many but room for just enough.

My worlds collide and with that my heart sings loudly—

–Do you belong?

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