Running When Sick

As runners we have a little motto, “Rain, snow, sleet or hail we will never bail. Sniffles, coughs, sickness, or injury we will always complete our run.”

Okay, truly, you probably have never heard this motto because I just made it up, but isn’t it true? Runners aren’t weak. You carry your burdens, your body weight, and all the little pains that make up your day and pound them out mile by mile regularly. Truly, runners are not weak.

In the same vein, they often forgo common sense to complete their scheduled run or their training plan. I myself do this often, I run on ice and end up with a bruised bottom, I run in the heat and end up dizzy, I run when injured and end up sore, and the list goes on. However, I won’t stop because when you truly love something it is hard to let it go.  Strength and determination trump common sense for me quite often. I call this determination, strength, and desire Running Sense.

This week due to weird weather and working outside I got a cold. Common Sense told me I should take a day off work to get better, Running Sense told me I should use my day off work to run my 11 miler.

Luckily I had an amazing 11 miler and was fine HOWEVER, I wanted to share with you  a little Common Sense that trumps Running Sense when it comes to being sick: the Head Rule and the Breathe Rule.

The Head Rule:

“Symptoms below the neck (chest cold, bronchial infection, body ache) require time off, while symptoms above the neck (runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing) don’t pose a risk to runners continuing workouts.”

The Breathe Rule:

Only breathe through your nose when you are recovering from a cold and when you can’t do this without blowing your nose every 2 seconds, it is time to end your run.

Using these two rules I have found serve me very well when training and recovering from sickness.

And to end this Sunday Runday post I want to give a little shoutout to two men who are very special to me.

My dad. Most people on Father’s Day honor their “dad” or “daddy,” I instead honor my “Papa.”

Happy Papa’s Day to the man who has always taught me to “work smarter not harder,” that “duct tape and super glue fix most anything”, “adventure often,” and “laugh always.” I love you Papa. Happy Papa’s Day.

061 IMG_1504 DSCF0120

And Happy Grandfather’s Day to an amazing man who helped raise my crazy mother, support my wonderful grandmother and support me! Thanks Grandpa!

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5 thoughts on “Running When Sick

  1. So true! I feel like many runners have a Type A personality and never want to give up! That’s how I definitely am, but I don’t want to over train either!

  2. Nice pics of you and your family! I can definitely see the resemblance to your father! You gotta watch out for that brother of yours, though… He might make you smile on a bad day. 😉

    As for running, do you have a breathing method? I’ve been working on keeping my breathing pattern steady.

    Oh, and, BTW, 11 miles is impressive! That is awesome that you can go that far!!!

    • As you can tell, I’m getting around to responding to comments! Haha oh yeah you definitely have to watch out for him!

      As for breathing techniques… It’s not something that is very standard for all runners due to the fact everyone has different natural lung capacities. My general rule of thumb is try to breathe in (only through your nose) for two strides and out for double that amount. This is hard and more similar to yoga breathing but it is awesome when you start to feel tired because it truly forces you to think about something else, also just physically the inflow of that much oxygen will energize your muscles!

      • Good information! I generally don’t breathe in solely through my nose, because I have so many sinus problems, but I’m up for trying different patterns to see which works best for me.

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