Broken Plates Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So I am working this summer as a waitress.

I am trying to be hospitable, gracious, and loving to every single customer. My daily prayer is to find the reason God has me in this job this summer instead of the other ones I was offered or rejected from this summer.

Today we had a severe thunderstorm. I work outside and this requires quick moment inside.

Today a full bus tub of dishes I was running to take inside slipped off of my cart. As I knelt picking up the broken pieces of glass, I got to thinking. As droplets of blood began to form on my hands, I thought of their significance and the larger picture.

As I knelt on the floor picking up large pieces of broken plates and small shards of bowls, I realized, God does this daily. He picks up our broken shards. When our plates shatter and we have broken in two large pieces , he takes care of those. But even more importantly, he also deals with those pesky little shards that cause blood to seep from our hands.

At the resort it is company policy to throw in a special bin all broken glass to be discarded. But God’s policy is really different.

God instead of putting it in a bin to be discarded he takes it and remakes and remolds it into something more beautiful than a shard of glass or a broken plate. He doesn’t even make them back into a plate or a bowl. Instead God creates art he finds precious.

As the blood seeped from my hands, I remembered blood that poured from another’s. Blood that changed everything and began the process of remolding me. Jesus’ blood.

You know, we all have days when we drop our bus tub and life seems to be shattered into more than a million pieces, but God is there, to pick us up, brush us off, and create us into the being he wants us to be.

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