Nighttime Running

This past week I have been running to and fro.

Whether it be for a beautiful wedding:Capture2

or around the deck waitressing:


Or just in celebration of National Running Day on Wednesday:


It’s definitely been a run happy sort of week.

Since I was working a midday shift two days this week, I didn’t get my usual run in in the mornings since I just felt too weak. Luckily, I got off of work a half an hour early both days so I was able to get in a nighttime run around 9:15.

Nightime Running in South Carolina

Ipod left at home, I set off. Into the dark.

Me, a flashlight and my garmin off for a night run.

The frogs are my music. Cutting through the silence of this quiet night, they croak. 

I listen to their song mingled with my heartbeat. It is steady and strong. 

I look up, away from my small flashlight lighting my path to see the stars overhead lighting more than my path.

Lighting up the rain clouds that loomed above all day and peeking through, casting shadows on the ground. 

My eyes return to the ground. I’m 3 miles in and feeling strong. 

Looking to my right, I recognize beady eyes close to the ground before I recognize their owner. 

Mr. Alligator is out feeling strong tonight too. 

I slow to a walk, breathing slowly, taking it in. 

A short break on my run as to not appear aggressive to Mr. Alligator. 

After all, he’s just running to the next lagoon and I still have a mile to go. 

Once I pass him, it’s just me and the frogs out again. 

And I speed up, one mile til I bid them goodnight. 

Perfect temperature, perfect night, and perfect run. 

This night

Now off to run around another wedding!! This one of a dear friend in Massachusetts!

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