Scares and Running

So do you ever get scared running?

For me, the act of running is not scary, it is relaxing, exhilarating, at times exhausting, but very comfortable.

But every once in a while, while out running, something scary happens.

This week it wasn’t seeing the alligators 6 feet away from me while running by, no it was the 3 snakes slithering across the sidewalk that made me jump. Luckily not out of my skin, we’ll leave that to the snakes themselves, yeah, yeah… I know, sad joke.

They were just harmless black snakes but I am similar to a horse, I am predisposed to scare whenever I see a snake whether my mind knows the lack of harm they carry or not.

After I jumped (literally), altered my path by about 40 feet to stay away from them, and picked up the pace to get around them, as I slowed I began to laugh. It is amusing how a little fright when your heart rate is already elevated can do to your mind.

Our bodies natural reaction to fear is an elevated heart rate but when you are out running, the heart is already pumping at cardiovascular speeds so most of the scare reaction is mental.

With our physical bodies it is usually easier to get fear (heart rate and shaking) under control than to dispose of mental fear. Mental fear tends to linger.

Remember, when you get scared out running, whether it be the fear you are being followed (we all have had it while out running alone), a snake crosses your path, or that unexpected bark of a dog comes out of nowhere, you are in control of your body and if you breathe steadily and focus on each deep breath, the mental fear will begin to vanish as well.

-Your BODY can stand almost

Happy Sunday Runday!

3 thoughts on “Scares and Running

  1. He hasn’t given you a spirit of fear, but one of love, of power, & a sound mind. Plus running across a few black snakes beats the heck out of having a rattler in your path on the way down from Sharp Top, huh?

  2. That does sound scary! I’m that way around spiders – I can’t handle them at all and will spazz out scramming until they are all gone. Thank goodness most runs are spider and snake free!

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