Good Runs and Research

You ever have one of those days when someone comes up to your after your treadmill workout and says “That was impressive, you must be a marathon runner.”? Well I did the other day and it was marvelous!

I had just finished 6 pain-free miles on the treadmill and felt really strong for the first time in two months since I injured myself. It may have been a combination of the massaging of my ankles I had done prior to the workout, the fact it was on the treadmill, or just maybe it was due to the fact I’m getting all better!

Here is hoping it is the last!

Today’s three miles felt good and strong too so I’m thinking I may be back!!

The plan by the end of May is to be back running 8 miles no problem so I can start full throttle marathon training by June, however, it will be a slow 21 week long training plan that I have yet to write. I’m in the research phase currently. I have finalized what a perfect half marathon training plan is for me and I plan on using it post-marathon to break the 1:50 time I currently have! However, I am still trying to find what I like and dislike of marathon plans and then will write that one!

Comment below if you have a guide you like to use. I’d love to get some veteran’s opinions!

Thanks, and as always, Happy Sunday Runday.

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