Back to Running and Friend Running!

So as I have mentioned quite a few times before on this blog, running with friends and others is one of my favorite things in this world. I think it is a beautiful activity to do together and just marvelous. If you need more reasons why this is marvelous, check out my former post on it!

After being in Physical Therapy for a month, I was finally cleared to run every day this week, so I took that information and ran with it (hehe, get it?).

Technically I was cleared to run 10 minutes last Friday, alternating one minute running and one minute walking. Now as beautiful as it felt to be back moving again, one minute is just so short! But on Monday when Jessica told me I could increase it to 15 minutes non-stop, I was ecstatic! I could run straight through for two miles! (Because 15 minutes really means 17 minutes, (which is my two mile time) right?)

My first mile back was with this beautiful woman, Erica, I am so blessed to call one of my best friends. We got in a whole 2.4 miles!


Tuesday I got in my 2.3 mile run with the amazing, super sweet, super bubbly woman, Emily. 


Wednesday I was super “Run Happy” on my 2.01 mile run and Brooks was my good old running buddy! Speaking of which, I need to get a new pair of Brooks, anyone have advice on whether I should stick to my GTS Brooks or switch to the PureFlows??

IMG_4255 IMG_4262

Thursday, I got in an early morning run before going through the traditional “Juniors becoming Seniors” day at Penn, called Hey Day. This is crazy! I am a senior! 2.1 miles in!

IMG_4279 IMG_4286 IMG_4303

Friday I had the pleasure of running into town to sell my Broad Street bib to a new friend from Philly Runners, William. It’s a shame I wasn’t cleared for Broad Street, but slow and steady wins the race! 3.2 miles logged!


Saturday was a beautiful morning 5.5 mile run with the most perfect weather ever with one of my favorite running buddies who I met in Philly Runners two years ago, Ally! She is AWESOME! This is an old picture of us, but one of these days we’ll take a new one


Anyways, thanks for running (hehe) through my week with me, 17.7 miles in a week never felt so nice!

3 thoughts on “Back to Running and Friend Running!

  1. ❤ ❤ I loved your pun about running with it – made me laugh out loud! So glad that you're feeling better so you can get back to what you love!!

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