Writing Through the Eyes of a Runner.

-After all, I’m a whole lot more than

Writing. Between group papers, final papers, cover letters, applications, and emails, I feel as though I’ve been doing nothing but writing for the past 6 months.

Even this blog, something I cherish has felt like another thing in my list of things I must write for.

I have taken to not responding to text messages solely for the reason I don’t feel like writing anymore. I want to express so much but I am tired of placing my fingers in the right locations on a keyboard to quickly create words to be sent off only to receive more words I must reply to. For those of you who have been victim to this tendency I have fallen into, I’m sorry.

I long to hear voices, to exchange hugs instead of emoticons, to exchange words instead of emails, interview instead of put myself on paper, and to defend my position in speech rather than in papers.

I long to sit and listen instead of hiding behind words.

…But then again, writing is special. The ability to take single letters and create cohesive thoughts in words is so beautiful.

I had a friend share with me once, “when you don’t want to write, it’s almost impossible to put together something you’re happy with.” But then “when you feel the urge to write, it’s almost impossible to move your pen fast enough.”

The past few weeks I have felt like the former, but I wait for the latter to come my way.

I know when I remove myself from the necessity to write for school and jobs it will come, but for now I sit and wait.

This blog is a beautiful outlet, even in those times when writing is hard to share my heart 99% and my 1% of writing skill. I love you, my dear readers, and want to connect with you deeply.

As I near the two year anniversary of this blog, you can look forward to some musings about what I do, some decisions about why I do it, and an explanation of the heart behind this blog.

After all, I’m a whole lot more than just the words I write, but then again, the words I write help me become the person behind them.

This life and these musings are, after all, through not only the eyes, but also the heart, head, and hands of this runner.



Tell me what you are feeling lately about writing!

7 thoughts on “Writing Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. I love your featured quote! Writing can be inspirational but also a discipline, sometimes it’s just the good ol’ “butt in chair” but my best comes when I’m truly passionate about something.

  2. What a wonderful post, I am more the writing type, I don’t like talking to people on the phone. I had a down moment as well but I continued writing and my blogs helps me to lift my mood.
    A beautiful post you wrote today!

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