Poems Through the Eyes of a Runner.

My lovely readers, I type this on my back in my bed because that’s the only way I can currently be without feeling sick. So today’s post, unless I wake up feeling hunky dory (which I’m really hoping will be the case) will be some back logged poems, the first from my return from Belize and the second upon my return from Australia. As I lay in bed unable to move it seems appropriate that I have a wandering soul.

These poems don’t have titles but I hope you enjoy them.



The dots of illumination cut through the clouds

As the ground grows closer and closer
What do I feel?
Do I belong here?
Do I belong there?
Thinking back the dots of land is what had come into view
Amongst the pure Aqua
Could that be me?
The glassy surface of the lake is cut by the droplets of water falling

Small drops, barely noticeable from this vantage point
However with every passing moment the sky opens more and more
The drops come faster and stronger and larger now
The once untouched glassy surface is no longer smooth
Yet It holds its own in the torrent
When this storm passes it will still hold more water than it started with
The banks can only hold so much in
Any excess will prove too much for the weak folds of land that contain the water
The only option is to overflow and nourish the land nearby
It looks dry and in need
And I, I have excess.

2 thoughts on “Poems Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Beautiful image and lovely words you wrote here. I can’t recall the last time I picked up a pen to write poetry…. I bet I will be inspired in my dreams tonight after reading your post.

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