Lunch with the Executive Editor of Runner’s World Part 1

So about two weeks ago one of my best friends, Arianna, invited me to this lunch event on Facebook.

Now if you are a blogger who does blog promotion on Facebook, you learn very quickly to skim Facebook notifications and if it isn’t a photo add or a comment on a photo, you tend to ignore Facebook notifications.

So when she reminded me about this event a week later, I about died.

The lunch event I had quickly dismissed was actually a lunch with the Executive Editor of Runner’s World, Tish Hamilton!

That’s right, RUNNER’S WORLD and TISH HAMILTON!!!! Both things made my heart sing.

So, here is part one of my interview and lunch with Tish that I want to share with you lovely Runners and Readers!

First of all, meet Tish, a wonderful woman with a beautiful 10 year old daughter, a love for life, and a love for running.


The day rolls around and in I walk to a room full of people decked out in race t-shirts, sneakers, and smiles. In front of the room sits Tish with a microphone ready to dazzle us all.

The thing I always notice when I meet important people I consider minor celebrities is how real they are. How they just want to chat and laugh and get to know you. We had a chance to talk about racing before the lunch began and she was more interested in hearing about my races than she was about telling me about hers!

The thing that kept on racing (hehe) through my head was “I am talking to a 10 time Boston finisher who has run 48 marathons and she wants to hear about my half marathons and my injury?!?!”

Tish knew from a young age that she wanted to be a journalist and had humble beginnings as an ad sales assistant at the New Yorker, a receptionist at Muppet’s Magazine and a copy editor at Rolling Stone.

During her time at Rolling Stone she organized a corporate challenge 5k for the office and asked the office cutie if he wanted to join the team. His response “I’ll run it if you run the NYC Marathon.” Tish quickly agreed, ran her first marathon (at a sub 4 hour and Boston Qualifying time!!), and ended up marrying that office cutie years later.

They have since parted ways and divorced but instead of being bitter she joked about the pain of divorce saying “I got the last laugh cause I’m still running and he is not.”

Thus, a love of running was born. It was at this time she found her job at Runner’s World. A place she says combines her “passion and profession.”

Her love of running and writing is so visible in her person.

One thing she had said while we were chatting was “among runners, writers, and readers, we recognize each other, it’s like our own little club you can see who belongs too”

Tish is such a real person and I am excited to be part of her little club of runners.

Come back next week for the rest of the interview and our discussion all about Boston!!

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