“You are Amazing” and Mantras Through the Eyes of a Runner.

You ever have those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed cold from your covers being kicked off in the middle of the night, with a crick in your neck, and feeling like you couldn’t have gotten more than 2 hours of sleep?

That was my Tuesday morning. It was one of those days that everything felt off and wrong even though it wasn’t that bad of a day.

I was stressing out about school, physical therapy, and just all in all the day ahead of me.

I felt bad about myself and just wanted to crawl back into bed.

Normally when I’d wake up like this, I’d go out for a run but due to the injury my usual “therapy” time could not be had. It made me very very anxious and begin to feel bad about myself.

It’s days like these you need a mantra, something that you can relate to and gives you joy in the present, reaffirmation to move on, and hope for the future.

Luckily, I have them taped all over my wall. Two yesterday stuck out to me and I had to continue to repeat them throughout the entire day to keep my mood up.

ALL Those

My life

You are amazing. Remember that today.



And as an extra here are two amazing mantra posts from wonderful friends Taylor over at A Cup of Tay and Erica over at Coming Up Roses they inspire me and I hope they can inspire you!

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