LOVE Run Half Marathon Race Recap!

Happy Easter!!! Christ is Risen today! I hope you have been able to enjoy the lovely spring weather and were able to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection today with friends and family!

As promised from last Sunday when my amazing friend Matt ran the Philadelphia Love Run when I found out I was injured, here is the race recap! He was nice enough to write this for you all and me! Welcome to the blog Matt!

Philadelphia, PA

Sunday March 29, 2015

“There’s something liberating about running a race without a goal to reach. There’s no razor sharp focus, no carefully curated playlist, and no predefined pace to hit at any given moment. There’s just you, other runners, and the landscape around you.

Melanie graciously offered me her bib to run the LOVE Half Marathon 4 days before the race, and therefore I was in no shape to compete and try to make a personal record. This would be my fourth half marathon, but it’d be my first run solely recreationally. And that definitely makes all the difference because you end up experiencing the race from a fresh perspective.

The starting line is your typical Philly race – looking down the flag lined Benjamin Franklin Parkway with the Philadelphia city skyline in the foreground. I meet up with a few friends about to run their first half marathon, and we start off at a nice 8:20 pace, having leisurely conversation.


We take a quick tour through the city, and then begin heading away along the Schuylkill River. By this time the crowd starts to thin out, and it’s easy to pass people. We’re on this road along the river that offers beautiful views even though the trees haven’t quite blossomed from spring yet.


And this is when I begin noticing the anatomy of a road race – because it is quite a peculiar thing if you think about it. People dress in bright neon colors and follow a predefined course in a very rhythmic motion.

Jogging along at a leisurely pace, I begin to categorize the people around me. There are the intense competitors, who lead the race, wearing nothing but a thin singlet despite the chilly weather. There are the couples. For each couple, you can definitely tell one partner coerced the other to train and run. Then there are the older runners, who can shame you with their speed and who you secretly hope to be someday. Etcetera.

Soon we hit the “hill” part of the course, which really isn’t a hill at all. One of the blessings about Philadelphia is that it is completely flat, making most Philly races relatively fast. After the gentle incline is a bridge where you turn around to run back to the finish line.


At this point I am still running leisurely with a friend who is running his first half marathon, but I begin to feel antsy with the finish line so close. My competitive instincts kick in, and I lower my pace to my more typical 6:40 from the relatively easy 8:00, and kick in to the finish line, located near the start along Benjamin Franklin Parkway.


Another advantage of not trying your hardest? You can walk for the rest of the day without feeling it in your legs.

I’d like to thank Melanie for this great opportunity to run a race recreationally. It was fun and flat, and an opportunity to try something new.”

And thank you Matt for sharing your race with us! Isn’t he amazing?! A 7:45 split for an “easy run”!!!!

Happy Sunday Runday!

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