Extra, extra read all about it: tabs in my phone

Okay, so this week you get an extra exciting post because I go CRAZY when I have too many tabs open and currently on my phone I am getting there.

Some of them are things I wanted to share with you all, others are good resources I want to remember to share with friends, therefore I thought might as well immortalize it here on the blog for everyone to see!


16 Disgusting, Horrible Things that will happen if you start running.” 

An amazing, hilarious satirical piece about running and the benefits


I’m only 22, I don’t want someone else to be my whole world” 

Some thoughts on being 22 and relationships, this post I love to share. It is just so good.


Don’t date a girl that travels

I feel like this will have to be my warning to any future relationships I encounter, romantic or otherwise. The wanderlust heart is deeply imbedded in me.


Runners Secrets

Some not so pretty truths but then also some amazing joys about being a runner.


25 Thoughts every early morning exerciser has

Maybe one day I’ll be an earlymorning exerciser, however some of these thoughts deter me

And that my friends I suppose is how you clear out your tabs while also sharing links that you love.

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Extra, extra read all about it: tabs in my phone

  1. I read the post about not dating a girl that travels. As a veteran flight attendant, I can tell you the job is extremely difficult on relationships. I am still single and a lot of men have perceptions about the job that are just not true. I really enjoyed all of your links! Keep up the great job!

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