Thoughts About My Current Life Through the Eyes of a Runner.

CrackleThe shadows become more and more

The Cross

I see him there

Hanging upon a tree

My soul is free

Because he bled and died for me

I cannot explain how sweet that is

That love could conquer all

That his pain and fall

Would one day become my call

To follow him

And worship him.

To live each day to honor him.

Oh Lord, thank you for this love

For a freedom I will never understand

You bled and died so many years ago

But today, and tomorrow you live.

In me.



This weekend I thought a lot about falling.

Would you consider falling a one-time thing, an event that happened, a moment in time that you fell, the act that is done and over?

Or would it be a process, the moments leading up to the hitting the ground, something that was orchestrated to happen? Multiple actions that create a fall?

I think I believe it is the latter. A process that is orchestrated, realized and internalized up until that very moment you hit the ground.

I think you can begin to fall long before you actually have impact. It’s embracing the fact the inevitable will happen. If you don’t fall sometimes, do you ever truly live?

Sometimes you will end up on crutches.

But maybe one day a fall will allow you to fly.

I can’t wait to fly.

Happy Holy Week My Friends.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts About My Current Life Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Such beautiful beautiful words!!! I love it! I totally agree with you on falling. So thankful that God sometimes allow us to fall in order to pick us up Himself and show us that He is the only way we can fly. Under His wings we find refuge. Love this week and all it means. Jesus is alive! 🙂

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