Don’t Stop Belize-ing: Day 5 and 6 Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Wednesday was supposed to be a day full of more underwater joys and fun, however, due to an increase in the wind, the dive shop called our dive off for the day.

It ended up being just as well since the visibility would have been reduced and we were able to find new fun things to do instead!


After returning from the dock where my little brother and I had waited for a half an hour for our dive boat before determining they weren’t coming, we went back to the room to grabbed my dad and his friend.

Up to the front desk we walked and called our good old taxi driver, Noel to come pick us up. We had decided we would go explore the northern most parts of the island, the very resorty part over the bridge.


We had heard of this cool bar called Palapas where you floated in tubes in the water and they would lower your drinks down to you on a string. Though this sounds awesome, and it was a cool place, it was far too cold to float in the water with the wind. And it really bothered all four of us that how this bar had decided to decorate was to give guests permanent markers and tell them to graffiti the walls and docks. It just was too much and didn’t belong here. After a soda, we kept on walking down the beach.

IMG_3777 IMG_3788

It was a lovely walk seaside with cute docks, jungle-ish parts and lovely resorts. When Brendan, Chris, and Papa had stopped at some point to look at something, I kept walking to the open beach chairs by the water and stripped down to my bathing suit and laid out in the sun. (Tropical Melanie is like an iguana, always looking for the sun to bathe in)

IMG_3804 IMG_3805 IMG_3812

Twenty minutes later when those guys showed up we decided to go for a dip in the pool.

After a while of floating and sunning and napping in hammocks, I mentioned I was hungry and off we trekked to find lunch.IMG_3815

IMG_3816We ended up at this ADORABLE little open air beach side restaurant where I had a delicious taco ceviche salad with a glass of some of the most delicious sangria! After chatting, enjoying each other’s company, messing with the waiter, and eating our lunch we called back up Noel to come pick us up and home we went.


After a wonderful run, workout and weights, a nice shower and finishing my second book of vacation by the pool with a cup of coffee it was time for dinner and then karaoke!

Karaoke was SO MUCH FUN! Chris and I were the only two of our party who had ever done karaoke before and I was very much looking forward to getting Brendan and Papa up there.

Throughout the night I lost count of how many songs we sang, people we met, and fun we had. There was a fun mix of people, the local karaoke man, Happy (who got me to sing an Alanis Morsette song), the hippy (she said) my “island mother/sister” Elizabeth, her husband George, and their dog Bear, the local legend Coconut Leo, a group of guys and their mom spring breaking from Wisconsin, a family with a couple Duke students (one who had studied abroad in Australia) and a high school senior, Melissa who had a VOICE on her! She and my little brother were amazing together! And when she and I belted out Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid, I like to think we weren’t that bad.

Anyways, it was these people and a lot more but it was SO MUCH FUN! We got Chris and Papa both up to sing too.

By the end of the night, this guy we had met who was working at the resort, Dan showed up and he, Brendan, and I hung out until we all walked home together around 11:30.

The next morning we awoke and actually got to dive! It was a beautiful dive, but the water was much choppier than the prior day I had gone and gotten sick. I was quite worried it would happen again but was also hopeful. It was a beautiful dive and officially the deepest dive I have ever done: over 30 meters (110 feet).  Upon surfacing Brendan wasn’t feeling too hot so we determined we would only do one tank and just hold out for more sea and critters until snorkeling later.

And snorkeling later it was! IT WAS SO COOL! At our first location we had a ton of different seascapes (coral, sand, grass, and a mixture of all of the above) which allowed the fish and creatures to vary drastically and beautifully. There were so many fish I had never seen before and diving allowed me to get right in their face. This was the most comfortable and pleasant snorkeling experience I have ever had, the water wasn’t too rough so it was easy to swim and my mask behaved and didn’t fog up every three seconds like it usually does.

Our second location was Shark Ray Alley and my goodness, did it live up to it’s name! In plain eyesight, while in the water I counted 15 sharks and 6 stingrays hanging out together. Between that, more corals, and more fish, it was a great snorkeling time.

After the day of sun and sea, we went home to the condos and got cozy for the night we thought would just be dinner and maybe Crazy Canuk’s Beach Bar. Instead Dan informed us of the Chicken Drop that was going on down the beach at a bar. Now you may be wondering what is a Chicken Drop?

We were too… it basically is shaking up a chicken, putting it on a bingo board, and waiting and cheering until it uses the bathroom on a square. The person then holding that number has to first clean up the waste and then claims a monetary prize (up to $1000). You know, just the normal island type activities…

One of the things I love about San Pedro is the fact that everyone is so supportive of each other that each bar kind of has it’s night and doesn’t mess with other people’s nights, therefore you see the same people at every bar and hot spot because it’s such a community atmosphere.

Anywho, my dad, little brother, Chris, and I decided we would go with Dan and his coworker Rachel to this thing. On the walk to the chicken drop, Dan and I began to discuss summer plans and internship possibilities (so maybe…??) and we continued talking with Rachel about it. After Chris and Papa had gone home, Rachel, Dan, Brendan and I decided to go out to frozen yogurt, which then led to another bar and food. It was a great night getting to know these two cool people and just experiencing the island life. We ended up trekking the mile and a half back up the beach to be in bed right around midnight.

Another great night on the island!

The only photo I have from day 6 is a photo of me running and a bad one of fish… Sorry about that! I relied on others to take pictures on Thursday!

Running in Belize and the tropics on the beach makes me happy

Running in Belize and the tropics on the beach makes me happy


2 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Belize-ing: Day 5 and 6 Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Your pictures!! They are all so beautiful, and made me want to go to the beach right now! 😛 You make snorkeling sound like so much fun!! I’ve never been, and to be honest I’m kinda of scared to. I tend to get kinda claustrophobic, and the idea of going underwater too far would probably freak me out. But who knows — I think it would definitely be fun to see the ocean floor and all the fish. 😀

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