You Better Belize It: Day 3 and 4 Through the Eyes of a Runner.

My third day in Belize was one full of underwater beauties and water. If you missed my first two days check it out here.

Waking up to a lovely Monday morning, the best one I have had in quite some time, I got a run in and prepared myself for my first scuba dive in a country other than Australia! My little brother, Brendan, was finishing up his dive certification and I was going to join him for some underwater exploring while Chris and Papa went into the mainland for a day trip.

IMG_3665 IMG_3677

After being picked up at our dock, lathering up with sunscreen, being fit with a BCD and a wetsuit, I was ready!

The utterly beautiful thing about diving in Belize, it takes a whole 7 minutes to get to the dive site from the land! The sea was a little rough on the short boat ride out with 5 foot swells but I wasn’t feeling seasick at all.

IMG_3676 IMG_3679 IMG_3682

Doing a backwards roll, I landed with a splash in the water and began our decent. There is little things in this world that are as cool as being able to breathe underwater while being face to face with fish.

It was a dive full of lobsters, murray eels, tons of fish, beautiful coral, underwater caves and tunnels. At one point my little brother’s instructor Pedro said “lets swim through that dark tunnel between the coral walls.”

Brendan and I said “let’s go!” And under we swam.

It was the COOLEST thing. It was so dark that you could barely see until the person in front of you moved and the “skylights” of break in the reef above allowed some light to filter down. For a couple minutes, I totally forgot I was even under the water. It felt as though I was just going through a dark hallway while swimming.

The one unfortunate thing about this dive, once we got out of the tunnel the area where we were had very large currents and surges and I began feeling dizzy and sick. Upon surfacing I attempted to counteract the sickness with the horizon and cold water but alas, it wasn’t enough and I ended up getting sick.


I decided once we returned to land that I probably shouldn’t do the second dive since I wasn’t back to 100 percent and instead went to lay by the pool until Brendan was done.


There I met some nice men named Barry and Doug and we chatted for an hour and a half til I saw the boat return.

By the time Brendan was officially certified I was feeling better and we decided we’d walk back to our place instead of being dropped off by boat. I was getting used to this walking on the beach everywhere, island life. It was wonderful.

After a shower and changing, Brendan and I went back out, me to lay in the sun, and he to nap in the shade of a palm tree with some pina coladas. Once I was officially roasted we walked into San Pedro center town for some frozen yogurt and exploring.

IMG_3688 IMG_3690

By the time we got there, my dad had texted saying he and Chris were coming back to the island before they had originally planned. Brendan and I waited by the pool splashing about until they returned.

We ended the night eating dinner while sitting in the open air, the breeze cooling the tropic air. Grilled shrimp salads and the local Belizean women’s drink, coconut rum and pineapple juice.

On Tuesday we ventured over to the mainland for cave tubing and ziplining!


Our taxi driver Noel picked us up at 6:30 and off we went back to the airport! We took the twenty minute flight into the main land and there met up with our wonderful private tour guide, Jeffery.

Jeffery fell into our group and our dynamics just fine. He picked up on the fact we enjoyed joking around and learning every possible thing we could. The drive from Belize City to Jaguar Park was funny and informative.

Upon arrival in Jaguar Park, Jeffery gave us the lowdown of the day, we would start off with ziplining and then move over to cave tubing, finishing the day with a delicious local buffet.

IMG_3715 IMG_3717 IMG_3718 IMG_3721 IMG_3723

The ziplining was STUNNING! Even though going fast was fun, I kind of had wished that I could go super slowly because the views were just that beautiful. The wind blowing through your hair as you careen down a small cable over a river and the jungle below is such a cool feeling.

Once we finished our five zips on the line, we returned to the van to change for cave tubing. Loaded up with our tubes we began our 30 minute walking tour through the jungle. Nothing like learning all about the local plants and their medicinal purposes, or which bugs are delicious.

I can now officially say I’ve eaten termites and they taste minty.


The water once we reached the mouth of the cave was chilly but perfect after our hot walk through the jungle. Jeffery set me down in the front tube and into the dark we went!

IMG_3744 IMG_3760 IMG_3767 IMG_3771

As soon as we entered the cave bats began flying about. I thought this was quite appropriate that this is what we entered the darkness with. The stalagmites and stalactites and crystals formed over the years were stunning and we laughed and joked and had a great time.

Jeffery even let me play tour guide for a while and handed over his torch.

After we returned to base camp, we had a delicious buffet lunch of jerk chicken, coconut rice and beans plantains, and some other stuff. I honestly ate so many plantains that I don’t even think mentioning the other food is worth it. Plantains are some of my favorites and when in Belize, eat the local food.

After our relaxing drive back to the airport and quick plane ride away, we were back to the island life. Noel, our taxi driver picked us up and when my dad asked where the best local food was, Noel drove us to his house.

Right next door to his house, his wife cooked at a restaurant, after meeting his son and a quick tour of his home, we headed over to the restaurant to place our orders. Noel informed us he would drop off our food at 6:30 and home we went to pool, read, and shower.

After a relaxing evening and delicious food, we walked the ten minutes to the beach bar, Crazy Canuks where I had a delicious banana, rum, chocolate frozen concoction and made friends with the newlyweds next to me.


To cap off a wonderful day and a wonderful night, my little brother and I walked to the end of the pier and laid gazing up at the stars.

If you know me outside of this blog, you know that the night sky, the moon, and stars are what I believe to be some of the most magical things ever. I always feel as though God is speaking to me through the twinkling of the stars in the sky.

As my brother, father, and I laid out on the end of a pier on a small tropical island staring up at the stars, I couldn’t help but be brought to worship. Lifting my voice and prayers to the Lord, I thanked him for everything.

It was a magical end to a beautiful day.

4 thoughts on “You Better Belize It: Day 3 and 4 Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I’m glad to see another person enjoys stargazing… it is amazing to look up at a crisp, star-filled sky.

  2. That sounds utterly fantastic! I’m a huge fan of caves, so I think tubing in a cave sounds like just about the coolest thing ever!

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