Running Blogs

So I love love love following other running bloggers because I learn so much from them and then get to know them and hopefully one day race together! Since I am currently laying out in the sun today on the beach in Belize I’m going to share their blogs and then read through them myself!

Here are 4 I love and read regularly!

1. As you have heard from me before: The Hungry Runner Girl

She is a rockstar with an adorable child, a sub 3:05 marathon time, and a wit like no other. 

2. Next up: Ali on the Run. 

She is a witty writer and editor based in NYC who kills marathons like it is nothing. 

3. The Super Inspirational: Runs for Cookies 

A mom, a real life woman, and a conqueror. Her story of weight loss and health is so inspiring and beautiful.

4. and Last but not least: Forty by Forty Fitness

A beautiful runner who loves Jesus and who I met through the Peony Project. She is a daily inspiration to remember the true reasons why I run. Jesus. 

That is all for today. Off to swim.


A lazy, happy, training runner.


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