21 Things I Don’t Want to Forget about my 20th Year Through the Eyes of a Runner.

That is definitely the longest title I have ever placed on a blog post but since it is Wednesday and I always tack on the “Through the Eyes of a Runner” I didn’t want to mess up my consistency, so bear with the long title.

Today has been a challenging one for me, full of many thoughts and lots of screaming in my brain. I am very much looking forward to finally getting to my birthday. It is my goal day this week: the day I hope to have all of my work before spring break completed by, my applications and interviews done by, my packing, etc done by. I know this won’t happen because that means I need to be awake every single hour from now to then in order to do this, but it is my goal. After all, birthday princess is allowed to dream big, right?

And the best part of this week, the response to me must be “yes,” after all, you wouldn’t want to contradict a princess.

Okay, enough of my ramblings and attempts at sad humor…

Here are 21 Things I Don’t Want to Forget about my 20th Year.


1. The start of it: surrounded by friends and musings. 

2. The first smells of spring in South Carolina when Spring Breaking with my best friend and roommate Catalina. 

3. The lessons learned in Christ this year, especially at the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action.

4. The awe felt during my first trip to Arizona and the Grand Canyon.  

5. The realization that change is not scary, instead beautiful. 

6. Time spent on the beach pondering life. 

7. The time taken by the pool, driving by myself, and a wonderful summer of exploring myself. 

8. Those perfect  summer days I wish would never end. 

9. My first experience in a hostel. 

10. Falling in love with Melbourne. 

11. Learning how to internally process. 

12. Visiting Sydney. 

13. Falling in love with Australia. 

14. Walking around Melbourne Uni at night and during the day. 

15. My unforgettable road trip. 

16. My spring break trip to Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, the Tablelands, and Cape Tribulation. 

17. Queen’s and daily life in Australia.

18. All the races I partook in this year. 

19. My trip to New Zealand. 

20. Surprising my family upon my return to the USA. 

21. Laughing, living, and exploring the world around me. 

And me, happy and carefree.


until tomorrow, love,

Birthday Princess

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