21 of My (Current) Favorite Things.

21 favorite things for my 21st year. These are what my favorite things are this year, I look forward to looking back in the following years and seeing what has changed!


  1. Jesus, my main squeeze.
  2. Tim-Tams, the best biscuits ever.
  3. Brooks Running Shoes. Magic on my feet.
  4. Weddings (and love and my friends getting married)
  5. Coffee with caramel coconut creamer.
  6. Australia. And New Zealand.
  7. My friends. They seriously are the best.
  8. Cabernet Sauvignon in a large wine glass.
  9. hungryrunnergirl.com
  10. The sun on my face. And my entire body, but mostly my face.
  11. Possum Wool Socks. My toes get happy.
  12. Wanderlust. And Gabriella’s Face. Everything about it.
  13. Dreaming about my future event planning company.
  14. Happy quotes on pretty graphics.
  15. Pinterest re-organizing.
  16. Obsessively neat rooms. And my junk drawer.
  17. The beach. I miss being able to run to it madly.
  18. Salsa dancing and my salsa heels. (I do actually need to get proper dancing heels soon)
  19. Andy Grammar, he’s been my jam since I got back from Down Unda.
  20. Long hugs. I really hope I never get to the point where I don’t like these.
  21. Gilmore Girls. Seriously though, I have watched this show through too many times this year.

Birthday Princess, over and out. Til tomorrow 🙂

2 thoughts on “21 of My (Current) Favorite Things.

  1. Happy 21st birthday! I’m totally with you on so many of these…a giant glass of cabernet, preferably while watching Gilmore Girls! And wanderlust…oh man. I hope I never lose the dreamy spirit of exploring new places and traveling.

    • Thanks so much Brittany!! That is my version of a perfect night! With that as your hope, I know you won’t! Keep traveling, supporting others, and smiling. You are wonderful! 🙂

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