21 Reasons Running is Awesome.

So over the years I have realized how fun birthdays can be, how much they are not only a celebration of yourself, but an excuse to have a party and a way to celebrate and say thank you to your awesome friends and family.

Therefore with my upcoming 21st birthday on Thursday, every day this week leading up to Thursday the blog will have a daily post featuring the number 21.

Cause I mean birthday princess is a real thing, and in my world it lasts a week…

So because today is Sunday and on Sunday I post about running, today is:

21 reasons I think running is awesome.

21 reasons

  1. You can do it anywhere.
  2. Workout clothes are cute.
  3. It is time to think.
  4. I can jam out and sing without bothering the roommates.
  5. It challenges me.
  6. It makes me stronger, physically and mentally.
  7. Guys who run= eye candy.
  8. Anger and stress relief.
  9. The looks people give me when I run by smiling.
  10. Summer runner’s tans are fun.
  11. My running friends.
  12. Two showers a day make me happy.
  13. That look I get from others when I describe the distance I just ran.
  14. Gives me a natural glow and I think I look sexy after a run.
  15. Makes me sleep better at night.
  16. I can see tangible improvements.
  17. My calves.
  18. I have more energy.
  19. Racing is exhilarating.
  20. I know where I live very well.
  21. Because I can.

7 thoughts on “21 Reasons Running is Awesome.

  1. 21 perfectly wonderful reasons to love running! And yes, Birthday Girl (if maybe not exactly princess) is a very real thing. May I join you in celebrating your 21st birthday? Hardly seems like you could possibly be 21 years old already! Seems like just yesterday…………………………………………….

  2. Your 21 reasons for loving running are motivation to get back into running for me. What kind of headphones do you like wearing to run? When I was in the habit of running, I would often run without headphones because the earbubs never would stay in my ears. I do enjoy talking walks and blasting music. Happy Birthday Week!

    • Felecia! I am so happy to hear these could be motivational! I typically just use the iPod earbuds, the one positive of winter running is the fact I wear an ear warmer and it keeps the headphones in my ears! My favorite runner (www.hungryrunnergirl.com) uses wireless headphones and loves them! The only think about those is you have to remember to charge them. If you need any support in your getting back into running, feel free to reach out! 🙂

  3. Your 21 theme is a great idea! I have tried all semester to get back into running; you make some awesome points. I love that natural glow.

    • Haha, you have to find motivation where you can, right? 😉 You are wonderful! Remember that out on your next run! You are much more my hero than many marathoners- it’s the first steps that are the hardest not the last few! You can do it! If you need any help or motivation I am here just reach out 🙂

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