My 5 Winter Fashions Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Happy Wednesday friends! My mind has been on full speed lately… I flip, I flop, I run from one thought to another without pause and with help from caffeine I am fueled for 18 hours a day! This has been my past week… even in the most intriguing situations my focus seems like it’s in 20 places at once… I am currently re-writing a paper I finished last night but today in class found it was not what they were looking for, therefore my 6 page research paper on the mechanical clock and heavy plough is mute, while writing this to give you a little insight in how I am working these days…

Okay, end of that rambling.

When thinking about what I wanted to write on this Wednesday, for 3 minutes I was stuck on doing a Wanderlust Wednesday post but since I haven’t been able to focus on one thought for more than 3 minutes, this has turned into a fashion post.

If you are one of my regular followers, (thanks, it’s good to have you back!) you know I don’t often post on fashion. I consider myself semi-fashionable but am not great at doing the whole clothes modeling, remembering to take pictures, remembering what I wore, or how to successfully relay how I choose outfits to others, therefore I barely ever blog about fashion or clothes, other than the closet piece I wrote over winter break, if you need to clean your closet and your mind, go check it out!

Okay, so motivation behind doing a fashion post today: My crazy winter habits that I’m sure many females can relate to. And inspiration lately from my wonderful friends who I always consider well dressed, put together, and extremely fashionable and I look up to in the fashion realm: Erica, Arianna, and a bunch of pinterest-ers and bloggers!

Today while taking off my boots to get changed into my running clothes, I began laughing at how I looked without my boots on. Now taking your shoes off isn’t typically a hilarity, however when under your boots you are hiding two pairs of tights, one pair of workout socks, and large fuzzy pink socks, you look a little crazy.

So today I will write on my 5 crazy winter fashion habits:

5 Winter Fashions

  1. I wear 3 layers of pants.

My legs grow in the winter because of all the pants I put on in layers. I promise you it is possible to fit two pairs of leggings under your jeans. And if you don’t happen to have enough room, I recommend one pair of tights, one pair of leggings, and a pair of pants.

It is also very possible to wear two pairs of leggings under dress slacks. I really hate the cold and this helps just a little.

  1. Socks are always put over my tights before my feet go into my shoes.

This is necessary. Very necessary. My poor little toes have terrible circulation and I constantly have cold toes, therefore two (or four) pairs of socks on top of tights is completely necessary! Honestly the only time in the winter I don’t wear double socks is while running just because I am terrified of blistering like I did last winter. (TMI? Okay, moving on) I actually have avoided wearing flats for the past two months because I refuse to not wear socks on top of my tights.

  1. I plan my outfit around whether or not it is warm enough to take off my coat during the day.

I mean why waste an adorable outfit that doesn’t match your coat if it is going to be too cold to take off your coat all day? I forget which day but one day last week I wore a pink shirt with my pink peacoat just so I would match when I refused to take off my coat because of the cold. The only exceptions to this is if I have a test and want to rock it, therefore I dress for success no matter the cold and if I have someone I want to impress I just dress for the activity occurring no matter the coat choice.

  1. The necessity of a proper bra is debatable.

I mean if you are bundled up under 3 layers, why not just keep your sports bra on and forget about actually getting dressed? Am I right? Plus since I wear a tank top, sweater, then cardigan or jacket, no one can really tell.

  1. My big bird cardigan.

You have never seen this cardigan because it’s a little crazy, a lot fuzzy, and a bit fluffy. I love it. Whenever I am in my room in the winter this gem is on me in some fashion. Sometimes it is on like a regular cardigan, other times it is on backwards if my chest is cold, and a lot of times it is wrapped up around my cold feet (see above). I have never been brave enough to wear it in public but if I get sick this winter, friends, you can look forward to meeting it. It is like wearing a hug, and hugs being one of my favorite things in the world, you can understand the obsession.

These are my 5 weird fashions in the winter, got any of your own?

This is the most recent solid fashion photo I have 😉 Me+Running Clothes= Normal afternoon look, now you understand why I’m not a fashion blogger, everything about this photo shouts “you don’t belong in this realm”


That being said, this has been the longest I have focused on anything all week I think! I guess it is my big bird cardigan and this cup of coffee in my Melbourne mug that has centered me.

Happy Wednesday my friend!

And just to throw in a little Wanderlust Wednesday because my heart is not in the cold tundra that is Philly right now, it is preparing itself for the thawing of Belize in T-minus 10 days, here is a picture of where I will be scuba diving!! Get excited for the posts following my time there!!! I’m getting pumped for the tan I will get.

Belize-Blue-Hole lodging1

11 thoughts on “My 5 Winter Fashions Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Oh my gosh, I wear numerous socks sometimes as well because my toes are ALWAYS cold! I have on my wool socks today which are super comfy, but I definitely did not go for anything fashionable given the fact that we are supposed to be getting around 5 inches of snow later today and tonight.

  2. I am part of a runner family (in fact, I’m probably the only non-runner), so holidays are filled with ‘running fashion’ requests – from the socks, to the jackets, the ear warmers, the gloves, the newest in water bottle convenience. One thing I’ve learned, though – never buy anyone shoes! Apparently it’s a SUPER personal decision 🙂

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