H2O and Running

Water. This morning as I was out for my run I got to thinking about hydration. About the simplicity of drinking water to fuel your body.

I have to admit though I am a rockstar when it comes to daily hydration (sometimes I wonder if I am overhydrating) and I always have a water bottle with me, but during runs, I STINK at hydration.

The thought of drinking water while running has always made me nauseous but I know that if I will ever successfully complete a marathon, I better get over myself and begin to train my body to run with water.

So to make it easy you can just use a simple little calculation to figure out what your body needs per day when it comes to hydration.

Male Drinking Requirement, in fluid ounces:
Body Weight x .35

Female Drinking Requirement, in fluid ounces:
Body Weight x .31

This number for many of us comes out to be less than the recommended government 8 ounces 8 times a day, however, better to be a little overhydrated than underhydrated! That being said don’t go crazy and drink 100 ounces in a day that is a shock to your system.

The rules for runners and water tend to be hydration before, during, and after a long run. This doesn’t mean guzzle water at all these times but a glass before, a sip during, and a glass after has never hurt anyone!

Try and drink a little water while running any distance longer than 5 miles and your body, recovery, and your organs will thank you later.

I feel like I should say, thanks for listening to my Public Service Announcement, go hydrate yourself, and remember hydration happens the day before!

That is all, Happy Sunday.

And to juxtapose the water you probably assumed I was talking about this entire time.. here is a photo of the water I am currently dealing with right now, and as my friends will quote with me “this is not okay.”

32331275 IMG_3502

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