My Mother Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Today I am missing my mommy a lot, so here is a post for her. (Mom, I apologize when I inevitably embarrass you a little bit here but know it all comes from love.)

Here are a few reasons why my mother absolutely ROCKS:

  1. She likes doing stuff with me.

This may sound like one of those “duh” statements but it isn’t often that you find someone who is always up for doing anything with you. We are good at doing everything and doing nothing together. From those days where the power goes out during winter break and she reads to me while I fall asleep bundled up to when we explore the entirety of a city in an afternoon running and racing from place to place in record time! (I CANNOT WAIT FOR OUR EUROPEAN BACKPACKING TRIP!!!!!)

021108 IMG_0531 038

  1. She makes funny faces with me.

Whenever we snapchat my little brother, I feel as though we excel at the funny face game. It has been a refined skill over the years, I feel as though we have perfected. This is very important, because if you can’t keep up on your crazy face game, you don’t belong with me… take notes boys and girls, the way to my heart is through your faces 😉

010 IMG_0264

  1. She has seen me at my best and my worst and loves me all the same.

There have been a handful of days where I have been the worst daughter ever and snapped at her for no reason at all, but there have also been days (not to toot my own horn) but that I have been a wonderful daughter and made her dinner and cleaned the house just cause. The thing about my mom, no matter which day I’m having she is there to assure me she loves me.

043 Marath13.2 007

  1. She dances with me.

Back in the day I used to be terribly embarrassed when my mom busted a move at the Christian concert or the bluegrass festival. Now I count down the days til we can go out clubbing and dancing! (Mom, we need to do this soon!!)


  1. She is an amazing cook.

If you have ever seen my Instagram you have seen my mom’s food featured quite a few times. She rocks with her cooking game, that is all.

  1. She can make me feel important when I don’t at all.

On those days when I am down and feel as though I am worth nothing, I can always turn to my dear mommy to get either a wonderful pep talk or a good swift kick in the bum. She can make me laugh when I want to cry and tells me to cry when she knows I need it. I definitely would be nowhere where I am right now without her amazing, unwavering support.


  1. She is honest with me.

Some parents don’t tell their kids much, others pick and choose what to share. Well my mom and I have a special relationship where we share probably what others would consider “too much.” Some parents hide their past and some kids hide their present, I am so lucky and blessed to have a mom who doesn’t hide anything and know that I don’t have to hide anything from her.

016 recropped mom

  1. She is my best friend.

All in all, my mommy is my best friend. My friends have been asking me since I have gotten back from abroad if I could ever live in Australia and my answer is always “Only if my mom could come with me.” She is wonderful.

016 IMG_3365 (2)

I love you mommy!

One thought on “My Mother Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww! You do know that I am crying happy tears right now in the middle of a school day, don’t you? I am speechless, Melanie! Thank you so much!
    And I miss you more than you know, my precious daughter. Forever, Your Mommy

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