“No Place I’d Rather Be” Through the Eyes of a Runner.

The dramatic landscape rolls on

Only to be cut by the single road, the only way from here to there other than foot or horse

Onward we trek

Towards the mountains, the glaciers, the lakes, and our destiny

Here we are

Living in the moment, out of suitcases, on this bus with wonderful strangers soon to become friends

We jump out of airplanes, dive off cliffs, and swing through canyons

Unabashed and unashamed

We are here

We party til two am, mountain bike over swinging bridges, and cruise through the fiords

Cantering on horseback or whitewater rafting through the rivers is the only way to cross these braids

We talk til midnight about life, we joke while trekking up the mountain

Winding through the only road we make it to our remote little paradise

Running from the past and running into the future

The more we move the closer we are

To the sky, to the world, to our souls

There is no place I’d rather be

No place I'd rather be (1)

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