Slush Runs

The first step out of the door was nothing but joy: not too chilly, not too rainy, not too windy.
That quickly changed after a mile into my run. Sometime between .5 and .75 miles, I had accidentally switched my Garmin to an unknown language, run through so much slush my knees down were soaked and cold, had been misted on to the point of my hair dripping with water and my top looking as if I had just put it through the washer, and to finish off the first mile, promptly fell on a lovely slick, slush covered metal bit on the sidewalk. IMG_3214IMG_3217
I was able to laugh it all off through it but looking back I know it was just prayer that kept my head in the right place, anger, frustration, and tears could have easily come, however they didn’t because of Christ.

I have had some weird Saturday morning runs but last week’s definitely takes the cake. I have run in terrible downpours, extreme heat, and snow, however never that horrible of slush and spitting rain. Let me tell you it was not pleasant.
However, that being said, on days like last Saturday I just have to remember I am blessed from the mere fact I can run. My legs work and I have the blessing and opportunity to run almost daily.
So with that being said, I will try to remain positive in all tough running situations.


2 thoughts on “Slush Runs

  1. That’s what I tell myself as well! I refuse to ever run on a treadmill so I will brave any elements. Even when it’s snowy and icy or pouring rain and my feet are socked, I just tell myself, this may be my last run (who knows) and I cherish every MESSY step! XOXO

  2. I would love to run in the winter but i only have time to run in the evenings and then no one ever wants to go out with me so I just do a couple exercises up and down my driveway since it’s really hilly!!

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