Racing and Sad News!

Today is a rant that is not super organized, bear with me.

So I just found out the only race I am currently registered for is being moved from April til October!!!!

CRAZY! I was getting really excited about this Tough Mudder in the Poconos in April, had a ton of friends running it with me, was lifting, and working on arm strength to be prepared for obstacles, and had dedicated to creating a new customized training plan for it, and then today I got an email saying it was moving to Philadelphia in October.

Which in itself isn’t too unfortunate since it will probably be a bit better weather and gives me plenty of time to train, however I was looking so forward to it and everything that went with this race! This was going to be my first race that wasn’t in the city I lived in or right near where I was Spring Breaking. It involved a whole process of travelling and spending the weekend in a cabin in the woods with friends, aka, pure joy!

Now I don’t have that! It’s times like these I wish I had access to a car here in Philadelphia and I could just sign up for a race, find friends to run it with me, and do exactly this.

Travel and racing excites me! I truly want to do more of it just at this point in my life find it extremely difficult to make a reality from a purely logistical standpoint.

So my first question of the day, what has been your experience travelling for races?

My second question for the day is what race should I run next?!

Now that my only race has been taken from me for a while I desperately need to find another one to replace it! Too bad the Northeast is so chilly in winter and basically from December til mid-March not many races in nearby cities happen.

I guess it’s time for some research and some train travel!

4 thoughts on “Racing and Sad News!

  1. That’s a major bummer 😦 At least they didn’t totally cancel the race though! (One tiny bright note!). This needs to motivate you to totally CRUSH it when the day does come though, haha! I’m hoping to run my first race while I’m still in DC for school before I go home for the summer. I have no idea what race or even how any of it works. I just don;t have the money either! Ah!

    • There is that one benefit! 🙂 and here is hoping! Where are you at school? You can definitely just google races in the area! Typically they are super easy to where you just sign up and then the day (or two) before the race you go pick up your number and packet and then run it the day of! If you need any help you know where to find me 🙂

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