First Snow Running

Last Tuesday was the first snow I have experienced this year and though this week has been freezing, I (kind of) appreciated running in it:

The snow falls slowly, beautifully painting this world with white specks. I smile at everyone I pass, only positive music playing in my ears. Sometimes, let’s be real, most of the time I despise the snow, but there is something magical about that first snow. And something even more magical about running in it.


Your body temperature is warm enough while running to melt the frozen water falling on your skin but the air is cold enough to not cause the snow that has fallen on your shirt to melt and soak you. The knowledge of a peppermint hot chocolate after a little yoga and some foam rolling keeps pep in your step.

Strangers smile at you cheering you on and when Christmas music comes on your iPod two weeks after Christmas it still seems appropriate and right.


The first snow is the best because as it comes down there is no pre-existing slush on the ground to be covered up and pose a risk to your dry socks. The first hours of the snow keeps it white and magical, I advise getting a run in long before the city opens for business and the white blanket becomes dingy with gray.


Run your heart out, whether it rains, snows, sleets, or hails. Stay warm this week and here is a challenge to you: find the best peppermint hot chocolate and report back! (I already have my opinion on the answer! )

What is your favorite season?

Mine is most definitely summer! I love the warmth, the beach, and the freedom that comes with long days.

Best peppermint hot chocolate is found where?

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