Running Gifts!

This Christmas a good part of my wish list was made with running in mind, right among the new Ipad cover and sweater was a Garmin running watch, Energy Gu, and a torture device (also known as a foam roller).


I was blessed with receiving these three items and I am so excited to see how they help my running in the coming year!

I will now highlight my favorite part of each item:

Starting with the simplest of the 3, GU Energy Gel.

My first experience with GU was at the Melbourne Half Marathon in Australia. It gave me the power I needed and desired for the first part of my race and I have been wanting to add GU into my normal training program and work in more into my long run nutrition, and now I have PLENTY of it to start with! My favorite type Salted Carmel but I am also excited to try Espresso Love, Chocolate, and French Vanilla types!

Moving on, Foam Rolling is next.

Now for any of you runners who have never tried foam rolling, I recommend you try it now! It is super painful (at least for me) but very much worth it to decrease soreness and release tense muscles.

If you are anything like me, you know a thing or two about tense muscles. Last year in my weekly yoga class my instructor came over to me and suggested I should go to the doctor and get checked out since I was “abnormally inflexible.” I heeded her advice and went to the sports medicine doctor at Penn’s student health. I told the doctor why I was there and he began laughing at me. After he stopped he informed me that nothing was seriously wrong with me I just had ridiculously tight muscles and guess what his cure was for me? Yes, Yoga.

So anyways, foam rolling, albeit painful, is EXTREMELY helpful. In my three days of running and rolling since Christmas I have noticed a difference!

Lastly, my Garmin Forerunner 210.

This watch is exactly what I need for accuracy in distance, timing, and heart rate monitoring!

Knowing pacing has always been somewhat of a struggle of mine since when I started running the only pacing information I had was from running with others who had watches or race day timing. For a successful training circuit it is necessary to know target paces and actual pacing during training. After a few months of using a cell phone app, I determined I should ask for the real thing. The app was so inaccurate that I would have run 5 miles and it would still say I had run 2 miles, so having an accurate GPS was important to me. Hence the Garmin which is known for having the best GPS around.

Now you can look forward to lovely pictures of my watch showing my splits, foam rolling, and my GU out on the run… I know, try and contain your excitement 😉

What was your favorite part about Christmas?

Mine is remembering the real reason for the holiday, Jesus.

Any running gear under your tree?

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