Running Resolution!

When I don’t have a race to train for and push myself towards, keeping steady running schedules is difficult for me. I often times just listen to my body or just run what I feel like running, however, I have realized sometimes this isn’t the best for me.

Yesterday I was feeling like a rock-star out on my run with sub 8 minute miles on hills for 4 miles. However today, I felt it…

like a ton of rocks…

so much for my rock-star status, more like bag of rocks…

When I don’t give myself proper scheduling this is what happens, I push myself too hard or too little and I don’t focus on my mileage for the week  and it always ends up poorly with me feeling really bad about my running.

This is silly. Plain silly, if I know how to fix a problem why wouldn’t I fix it?!?

Well this is one of my running resolutions for the coming year, make more running schedules!!!

Okay my running friends: KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE! 🙂

What are your running resolutions this year?

What has been your favorite Christmas tradition you have done this week?

Mine was probably watching silly Christmas movies while wrapping presents!


One thought on “Running Resolution!

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