Surprises Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So I promise a New Zealand travel blog is coming soon! I just am a bit scatterbrained lately and want to really devote a lot of time to it because it is officially one of my favorite places in the whole wide world!

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So for now we talk about other things! Like Thanksgiving! And surprises! And my return to the United States.

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday albeit it not being one of my favorites. It is not my favorite because typically there is a lot of stress my mother endures in order to ensure a lovely meal. However I love the ideas behind it, family gathering together and sharing something. It truly is a beautiful holiday and is a great reminder to be thankful in everything.

And because of the Lord we can be!

Now onto surprises….. I am currently writing this post while sitting on the floor in my grandparent’s closet. No, no, we aren’t under attack or anything crazy like that, I am just hiding from my mother! (and brother and Mallory)

They just arrived at my grandparent’s house and have NO CLUE that I am here! As a matter of fact, they think I am in Philadelphia, where I was originally coming when I got back to the US for Thanksgiving, however, I decided to change up plans and surprise everyone!

The only ones who knew were grandpa and my dad!

Last Friday, I arrived back in the United States after a long, emotional journey full of ups and downs. (Both literally and figuratively seeing as I was flying and I was a crazy person from the sad goodbyes and not ready to leave Australia)

And surprised my grandmother with a poem and being at the front door.

Then fast forward to today, where I surprised my mom! I had a video of a poem that I had made prior to leaving Australia that I had my grandfather play and then I walked out of the closet I was hiding in!

It was definitely a fun way to come back!

Now the coming back part, it has been hard but fun and exciting at the same time. I rest in assurance that the Lord will help this transition back go smoothly and for these feelings of loss to subside soon when I get back into my old routine.

But for now, Happy Thanksgiving friends!! Thank you for being there during this rough time.

Happy Thanksgiving from SC!

Happy Thanksgiving from SC!

As an extra here is the grandma poem! Soon I will post up my video!

“Thanksgiving is a time to show you care

So I got you a little something to share
It comes from far away
And has arrived today
It required special packing
But I hope you don’t find it lacking
It was all I could do not to tell you
But surprising was something I wanted to do
Sometimes that is the best
But to hold my tongue was quite the test
But I wait no longer
It is not a purse, chocolates, or a fur
It is something you know
But nothing wrapped up in a bow
It awaits outside
It is something in which you instil pride
It is larger than a normal present
But was specially sent
For you.
Now what to do?
It’s outside the front door
Hopefully it will cause your heart to soar. “

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