Turkey Trots and other Holiday Runs!

Okay so who is excited for Thanksgiving? A time of family, thanks, and way too much food!

I am very very excited for many reasons for Thanksgiving to come around this year! Pies, friends, laughter, tears, and a very fun run the morning of Thanksgiving!

The 10k Turkey Trot! This will be my first 10k race ever so that is pretty exciting! Anyone have a nice costume for a Thanksgiving race? If so I’d love some advice if you would like to post them in the comments below!

I decided to sign up for this race since it was a reasonable price, a great way to start off a typically unhealthy sort of day, and for fun! I plan on making the whole ordeal very big.

The decision to run the Turkey Trot and it’s upcoming date led me to think of other races done on Holidays, most which involve costumes…

These races are excuses to mix two of my favorite things: Running and Costumes!

It’s time to explore these holidays and the costumes that go along with them:

Starting off the year with Resolution Runs on New Years Day! Now if we could get a “Run in the New Year” that would be awesome, aiming to cross the finish line (or starting line) at midnight on the 31st, however this would have to be somewhere warm as to not freeze our toes off!


Then into February we have the Cupid Runs on Valentine’s Day. As well as the “All you need is love,” “Be my valentine,” and “Heart and Sole” runs! I mean dressing up in hearts and as a cupid to run towards the finish line and the chocolate fountains that often end Valentine’s day races. Yes, just yes.


In March the Shamrock Runs on St. Patrick’s Day bring some luck o the Irish! I see Green!!!!


Somewhere between March and April the Bunny Runs help celebrate Easter! Because every race should involve a fluffy tail and some bunny ears, right?!

photo 1

In April the April Fool’s Day Runs celebrate the start of the month! I’m not sure how you dress up for this race, but still, a fun holiday race day! It would be hilarious if they called this a 10k race but then it turned out to be a 5k as an April Fool’s Day joke or something else suprising!


In May we celebrate all our mothers by running the Mother’s Day Classic. What a great time to get your mom to train with you! Or your kids!


And since June is getting so warm they luckily give us this month off to rest up and work on normal people tans before the rest of the summer these tans turn into runners tans of tank tops and sock tans.

July brings us the red white and blue costumes donned at Freedom Runs, Runs for Glory, and “Free to Run” Runs!! Time to suit up in your stars and stripes!


August and September give you time to rest up and vacation without many holiday races! I mean I do suppose we need a little time to run without costumes and colors out the yazoo!

October is home to my favorite holiday running: HALLOWEEN RUNS!!!! The best costumes come out this month full of falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and jack-o-lanterns! Not to mention all the candy you receive at Halloween races!!

Halloween Halfathon

November is the commencement of the holiday’s and overeating so this calls for the race I’m quite excited for this year, the Turkey Trot!


With December we are brought the joys of Jingle Bells on our running shoes during Jingle Bell Fun Runs!!


What is your favorite holiday?

Do you have a favorite holiday run costume?

Congratulations to all you amazing runners who ran the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon this morning!!!

32 thoughts on “Turkey Trots and other Holiday Runs!

  1. I have heard of turkey trots before, I am not a runner by any means, but I do love a good long walk. Thanks for sharing this with us, holiday runs sound like a great way to keep up the activity level in cold season.

  2. These races sound like a lot of fun, particularly the Halloween run. We had a run here in Toronto where you had to wear a suit! It was called the Rat Race!

  3. Looks like such a blast! I love runs! Just signed up for the spring color run, but hadnt heard of the jingle bell run! Will have to look for them in dallas

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