Coffee Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Coffee. 6 beautiful letters that create a beautiful word.

I truly think it was a gift of knowledge from God when someone looked at a little berry from a tree and said let’s roast this and seep it like a tea.

Coffee makes me happy, jittery, laugh, stay awake, smile, and want more and more.

The actual act of drinking coffee makes me long for when my next cup will be.

Therefore when I decided to study abroad, naturally a factor in the equation was the “coffee culture” I had heard Melbourne had.

I have to say, these rumors did not let me down!

Over the past 4 years my love for coffee has exponentially increased. I used to drink it as an occasional treat, mostly in the form of a frappachino or a moolatte, however, as my maturity has increased I quite regularly down an espresso shot, black coffee, or a double shot latte.

While being here in Melbourne my adoration has become love.

It all started that beautiful day while walking the streets of the St. Kilda precinct and stumbling into a lovely little café on Acland Street. Not knowing what I was getting myself into I ordered a coffee.

I found out if you order a “coffee” you will get something called a “long black” which is like an americano (espresso with water).

Since that beautiful day where I was introduced to strong, dark, beautiful coffee, I have learned so much.

A short black is just an espresso shot. Latte and cappuccino are the same as in the US but the espresso used is so much better!

If you wanted a “coffee with milk” you would get a “flat white” (steamed milk without the foam with espresso).

There isn’t drip coffee here, even in the 7-eleven (which is the most expensive store you can go to here) you get nothing but espressos!

Everything is espresso based here! I love it!!! Also flavors in your coffee or sugar/stevia is not normal at all!

The Aussies like it pure. And I’ve got to say, so do I!

So the day I heard there was a promo for 1 cent coffee I took full advantage of the situation spending a whopping 19 cents!

Translation: In two days I drank 4 long blacks, 6 lattes, 3 cappuccinos, 2 affagatos, 1 mocha, 2 chai lattes, 1 hot chocolate.

Don’t worry about my heart, half of the coffees were decaf, but still marvelous!

All this to say, coffee in Melbourne is amazing. This right here is reason enough to come to Australia!

There is nothing better than sitting down with a friend, sharing a hot cup of coffee and chatting about life. Take a moment today, grab a hot drink and chat with a friend! It’s an art that is being lost due to our technological world, but so wonderful!

Now for some fun pictures of the above mentioned coffee and fun quotes 🙂

Life is (1) CoffeeMay your coffee be strong and your

30 thoughts on “Coffee Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Love this way too much. I think you need a little description change and insert coffee amongst all your other loves. Thanks for the coffee this morning 🙂

  2. 1pm here and I’m enjoying my second pot of the day. I’ve never heard of affogatos! I learned something new today when I looked it up 🙂

  3. I don’t drink coffee often because I love the affects it has on me. Isn’t that weird? haha. I have SO MUCH ENERGY when I have one and I love how much shiz I get done. I do have to say, I like to sip my coffee (usually iced) through a straw so it doesn’t end up staining my teeth.

  4. “May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.” I LOVE THIS. I also love you, and I cannot wait to have you back in my life on the reg drinking way too much coffee together and talking about God and love and life and happiness and its pursuit and so many things. UGH I MISS YOU COME BACK NOW.


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