Rekindled Romances!

This week has been one for rekindled romances.

There have been quite a few romances that have re-entered my life suddenly… but truly, it was probably the perfect time. You know what they say with love… it comes to you the second you stop searching for it!

You probably are expecting a deep, passionate love story full of being swept off feet and riding off into the sunset on horseback… I’m sorry to disappoint, but it’s not that type of romance.

It does involve the sweeping of feet and the horseback riding but in a very different way!

Without further ado: the 4 things that have been passionately welcomed back into my life this week!

  1. Frozen Yogurt. A dear friend of mine, Crystal, was so kind to share this fun little tidbit of information with me this week, a local froyo place was having a promotion where 15 dollars of frozen yogurt was yours for the low low price of FREE!! I had only had froyo twice since being in Australia! And it’s Halloween so naturally what do we do… go and get over $30 in frozen yogurt in a two day span! I have to say it was free money well spent! We also ran there so really it was just a recovery food. Right?
Crystal sure has some talent when making the perfect frozen yogurt! So much so it took 30 minutes to eat!

Crystal sure has some talent when making the perfect frozen yogurt! So much so it took 30 minutes to eat!

Mine took a little less time to eat but only because I don't like all the toppings and eat faster!

Mine took a little less time to eat but only because I don’t like all the toppings and eat faster!

  1. Crazy weather running! On Friday it was 88 degrees and the peak of sun when I went out running at 2pm! I came back with crazy runners tan and dripping in sweat after 3 miles. Saturday a friend, Naomi and I decided we were going to go out for my first double digit run since the half 3 weeks ago… (I know it took me a while to get back but 8 miles had been feeling like my max for a while and this time around being so tight, I’m listening to my body!) Anyways while we were out running in the windy 56 degree weather it started raining. I had worn a tank top and capris, bad idea. It was so cold and windy and wet! 30 minutes and 3.5 miles later when my phone, our running app, and the knowledge of where we were died, it stopped raining. I guess something had to work for us right? Anyways after getting a bit turned around we finished our run strong right at 9 minute miles. This was Naomi’s longest run ever and she wasn’t even puffing at all! She is so ready for a half-marathon in the fall!

All that to say, the weather has been CRAZY in Melbourne, but the running has been really fun and interesting!

  1. This one will bring a smile to one of my best friends face, Arianna. She has inspired me (that and hungry runner girl) ever since she has begun talking me into doing a Tough Mudder in April! I have gotten back into weight lifting, squats, and track warm-ups! I had taken some time off from weights because honestly I really don’t like our gym here at college and can’t wait to be back in BodyPump with Angela and back with the Penn gym at my disposal! But if I want to become a better runner, weights and warm-ups are necessary! So here I am rekindling a romance that has caused my bum, my quads, and my biceps to perk up. AKA: scream. Tis the Halloween season, right?

10423909_10204325430830021_3966078325756127376_n4. And my favorite rekindled romance, one that the coach Wieses would be oh so proud of. One that I rarely flirt with due to a lack of contact, but one that you just hit it off when you see each other again; Track and speed work!! Now for a love letter to track.

images (1)

Dear track,

My love for you and all that you are is back. I know I had been unresponsive for a while, but sometimes it takes longer than it should to figure out what truly makes you happy. For me, for now, it is you. I wish to be with you and run fast and turn left for a while.

Other than the occasional affair with the track since my track days from 2009-2012, I have rarely been back. I can actually count the times I have run on the track on one hand since May of 2012, all of which have been here in Australia.

Back in the track days while waiting for the 4x800 baton!

Back in the track days while waiting for the 4×800 baton!

I have missed it! My first serious workout back was super-hot day, Friday. I got 2 miles in broken up in a 800, 400, 400, 800, cool down 800. The middle 400 was full of tigerbalms, squats, butt kicks, etc! It was hot and I wasn’t sold.

Tonight under the stars I truly felt alive. It really was what pushed me back into speed work and a desire to get faster. (That and the fact I have my shortest race since April coming up, a 10k on Thanksgiving morning.)

I decided to do a 800 warm up, a 800, 600, 400, 200 which turned into a 800 warm up, 800, 600, 200, 200, 200.

The burning I felt in my lungs made me realize I haven’t trained to run like this in ages! My lungs are good at recovering from running (like uphills on mile 10 of a run) but not during a sprint 800 anymore! I want my 16 year old lungs back! As painful as it was it reminded me of a simple time in life. I loved it! All this brought out by the feeling of burning lungs… Odd right?

You may ask, why 3 200m sprints at the end? Well really, they were just me trying to outrun myself… Between the first 200 and the last I knocked 10 seconds off my time! Nothing like 16 year old Melanie’s time but not too off, only by 10 seconds! Ha!

And that, right there is my story. Of love, feet sweeping (in the running form) and oh yeah! I promised you horseback riding into the sunset. Well that my friends would be the trip I have planned for next week in New Zealand; horseback riding through middle earth.

Happy Sunday!

Have you done anything unusual this past week? Any romances rekindled?

Do you love the Lord of the Rings as much as I do?!

P.S. It’s a lot.

43 thoughts on “Rekindled Romances!

  1. I want froyo i think we might have it in london but not where i am now. good luck with your running and i could certainly do with that kind of weather its so cold in the uk

  2. Wow – I’ve never seen frozen yogurt look so good. YUM! I wish I could run long distances, but I get so winded, and my attitude about jogging and running sucks overall – so that right there has me in last place. I’ve rekindled a romance with my slow cooker. I made a pot roast with carrots and potatoes for the first time, and used red wine. It is sooooo good.

  3. Well I hope to rekindle some romancing in blogging and cooking after a vacation to Disneyland. Its good to be back home and good to get organized again and have a kid back in school. Congrats on your rekindled relationships, especially with the running! 😉

  4. I actually thought I would be swept off my feet reading a love story. 🙂 Good for you and congratulations in your running. I am not into running and I admire people with such stamina in doing it.

  5. I was only recently introduced to FroYo but loved it at frist spoonful! I think it is amazing how your have such a passion for something that nothing can keep you from it – not even rain and crazy weather 🙂

  6. I use to love track too. I was in shot put, and also the 400, 800, and 1600 meter relays. I’m not sure why, but I had the fastest time, and I was also put 2nd in the relay… I guess the strategy was to get ahead early. *shrugs*

    Frozen yogurt isn’t really popular in this area… usually custard or soft serve ice creams.

  7. I haven’t had frozen yogurt since I was a kid. I will have to get some sometime. I would love to live in Australia with weather like that! Thanks for sharing your highlights!

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