The Last Week of Classes Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So it is my last week as a proper student in Australia, how crazy is that?! Classes end this week! I have been here for 5 months almost and they have been the quickest 5 months of my life. I am not ready to part at all.

Australia has become such a fond place in my heart and to lose that feels as though it is to lose part of me.


As tonight was our last formal dinner and I have hung up my robe for the last time (yes, cause we wear robes like Harry Potter…) I am no where near for this. I have less than 30 days left in Australia as a student and that, that brings me to tears.

The friends I have made here and the life I have experienced has been so wonderful. Part of me yearns to be back in the familiar of a familial or friendly hug, but I realize I have found some of that here.

I have found family in Christ in my beautiful sisters Nat and Crystal, who are there no matter what to pray for me. I have found a family in Sarah and Ian and baby Winston as a true family who are living for Christ.


I have found friendship in my corridor, in the craziness that is 3rd North, in the amazing fresh-freshers I have grown closer with and with every face I see and spend time with here in college.



Queen’s has been such an integral part in my time here in Australia and I am not ready for these next 30 days to be my only time with these wonderful people.

With that, I will leave you with a charge.

Go tell someone how much they mean to you today, this may be the only way they ever know.

God’s blessings be rich and merciful among you.

39 thoughts on “The Last Week of Classes Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” You will take with you wonderful memories, and you can always go back again! I’m dying to visit Australia someday! Congratulations on finishing classes!!

  2. You just had an experience that you’ll cherish for lifetime. All good things come to an end, but they become wonderful memories. Congratulations on finishing your classes!

  3. I’m SO glad that you’ve enjoyed your study abroad experience! I did mine almost 10 years ago, and I still look back on it as one of the most life-changing, amazing, and challenging times in my life. Here’s to a great finish!

  4. What a bittersweet ending to your studies. It’s always tough to leave behind the friends you’ve made, but leaving them geographically doesn’t mean they’re gone from your heart or your life.

  5. I’m sorry your time has come to a close. I have friends that are visiting Australia right now and I wish I could be with them. I can’t wait to read more about your experience.

  6. You are so blessed to have been lucky enough to study abroad! It seems as though you had an amazing experience, although it’s over I’m sure you’ll go back and visit! Congratulations on completing your classes!

  7. My grandmother was from Australia. She moved over here in her 20s, but listening to her stories always made me want to visit. Glad you got to. 🙂

  8. Congrats on finishing your classes. It is awesome that you got to share this beautiful amazing experience with those friends that have touched your heart so much. I am sure you will always treasure your times there. Thanks for sharing.

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