This Week’s Running Recap and Announcement!

For all my amazing followers out there, thank you for being such a wonderful reader! It means a lot to me that I have fellow lovers of running, Americans, Australians, Blogosphere friends, and just plain old wonderful people encouraging me through reading my posts and interacting with them!

As any of you regulars know, I post once a week on Wednesdays. And after a lot of thought, I am excited to inform you all I am now going to be posting twice a week! Once on Wednesdays and once on Sundays!

As I learn more and more about running theory, running science, and training, I am excited to do a weekly post dedicated to nothing but running! (I mean this is a running blog, right?) My other post per week will remain a “Through the Eyes of” post! Bear with me as we try this out!

Another feature of this new weekly post and post style will be a section at the end of every post that I want to ask you questions and get feedback and answers in the comments section because I LOVE interacting with you!

Since it is Monday (very close to Sunday) I will do my first dedicated running post! Starting next Sunday I will be posting on Sundays!

I have a half-marathon approaching on Sunday! I have been very hush-hush about this training circuit since in the middle of it I got very sick and had to take some time off and was not positive I would be able to successfully complete the race without a bit of walking. But shouldn’t that give me all the more reason to talk about it?!

As runners it is so easy to set standards for yourself that if you don’t reach or achieve you fall into the trap of not discussing that race, that run, that day, that workout, etc.

But running is so much more than the standards we set for ourselves, its about overcoming the world and our minds one step at a time. Running is something that is good on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally. This type of positive activity never needs to be hidden, it is ALWAYS a good thing!

This past week of my training circuit has been pretty relaxed, 6 miles maximum a day and a lot of beach and trail running! But this week I am getting that pre-race excitement!!! This morning I did my last long run of my training circuit, coming in with a 13.3 mile run at 1:58, it was by far the best run I have been on in my entire 2 month training circuit! I didn’t hit a wall, sang my way through (literally, outloud, people were looking at me like I was crazy, because let’s face it, I am), and just enjoyed every moment of the run! I go to the Expo on Thursday and am super pumped to see what the difference is between Aussie Expo’s and American Expos!

And to include some snapshots from my past week’s running adventures:

Selfies while being brave and running in a sportsbra in Cairns! And some post-run yoga and stretching in super bright colors!



What was your favorite workout this week?

What is your favorite running colors? (I think mine seems like pink for how much pink running gear I own, however I truly do like light blues more!)

93 thoughts on “This Week’s Running Recap and Announcement!

  1. I’m more of a walker than a runner but I have a knee injury right now so that is very limiting. I really like bright colors though. Pink and purple are my favorite.

    • Thank you for the encouragement and love Zoe!! Yoga is so good! I wish more than anything I was more flexible so Yoga was easier but it is so much fun and you always feel awesome afterwards!

    • Now’s the time, right?! Fall is the perfect time to start your new workout circuit, or even just adding a little jog or long walk here or there! I’d love to be of encouragement along your journey!

  2. I love how dedicated you are to running! One of my friends from college just recently ran her first half marathon, and I was so proud of her! I’ve only done a 5k, and I walked it haha. I’m not big on running. I tried to be, but I just couldn’t stay dedicated. It’s a shame, really.

    • Thank you Tiffany!! It is truly one of my favorite pasttimes! And ahhhhh!!! Tell her a random blogging friend of yours says “she is amazing!!!!!” That first race is just about the hardest long distance running thing you will ever do! And hey, you finished the 5k! That is what matters 🙂

  3. I for sure need inspiration to run. This def helped me! Hopefully I start to run this week!! I’m determined to do a half marathon at some point this year or next year! What are some tips for people who are starting to go back to running?

    • I’m so glad to have been an encouragement to you Olivia!! This is exactly the point of the running blogging 🙂 I would love to help you get to your goal! It is the most amazing feeling to run a half! I LOVE it!!! Some tips would definitely be don’t give up! Your mind WILL tell you no, you just have to ignore it!! Another tip, stretch always! For at least 10 minutes even after a mile or two, I made this mistake and two years later am paying the price for it!

  4. I’ve been traveling for the last week and I’m traveling again this week so I don’t see a workout in my future. I could count airport walking as a workout though, right?

  5. Wow that is awesome! I don’t have the stamina to run. I prefer workouts like Yoga and Pilates with a little cardio added in here and there. But good for you!

  6. I’ve recently made the decision to start a work out regimen ans tick to it regardless of my busy schedule. Hopefully I’ll work my way up to the running part sooner than later.

  7. Congrats on a growing site! You look particularly happy in the post run selfie! I hope you meet your goals at the marathon.

  8. I love running or speed walking! It always makes me feel so good. I have a thing with my foot right now and haven’t been able to run in a few months and I really miss it.

  9. Favorite running colors? I do not really run but I love white and pink. 😀 Good luck on your training and your upcoming marathon! Hope you won’t get sick again.

  10. Good luck on your half-marathon. I’ve been starting to run a little more in my life. But only in intervals while working out. I can’t do distance running, although I know it would be wonderful to do that outside.

  11. I think if I would be able to get the time to go out & run, I’d love it. But for now, it’s a home workout of some sort with kids getting in the way. LOL

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